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Should you develop a routine yoga practice for your kids? 

Yoga is one of the best practices for the health of your body and mind. Yoga is easy at home, as many certified instructors offer online courses, making it easy for busy people to exercise, train their bodies and balance their thoughts. 

Young moms are among the top customers in the yoga sector since it’s the perfect blend for them to regain power and strength for their kids. But is yoga suitable for kids? And how can they understand the purpose of this practice since it requires concentration and quietness? 
Yoga can be easily introduced into one’s morning routine, and it sets you up for the day and has long-term benefits if done consistently. Let’s see what practising yoga as a kid involves and how you can help them get the most out of this experience. 

First things first ― what does practising yoga look like? 

Coming from ancient practices, yoga incorporates three techniques into a routine: physical posture, meditation and breathing. These structures aim to help you relax and bring the body and the mind into balance. 

Yoga is necessary because current lifestyles include messy schedules, stress, and never-ending scrolling content. We’re always demanded to be productive and achieve better results at work or school, but we also need time to relax and take a break. People practising yoga for a long time have improved their posture and become calmer, but some may prefer adding wholesale spiritual supplies from Phoenix import to their diets in order to enhance results. As an adult, reaching a specific level of spirituality might be easier, but things are a little different when it comes to kids. 

Why would your kid practice yoga?

Yoga is increasingly practised within families as parents guide their kids towards healthy yoga practices. It doesn’t need a strict approach―kids can and should learn to do yoga in a fun way. That’s because yoga, although defined as a certain practice, has the flexibility to be modified and 

accustomed to individuals and their needs.

Your kid can start doing yoga as young as two years old, but the best time for their development is from six to 12 years, so choosing yoga as one of their hobbies around this time has the following benefits:

  • Reduces anxiety and stress by helping them deal with emotional or behavioural problems;
  • Helps kids with obesity to control how fast they’re gaining weight;
  • Manages chronic disease symptoms, such as IBS;
  • Enhances mental focus by teaching them to focus on one task at a time;

Are there any risks implied in practising yoga?

Yoga is one of the safest sports since it can be done at home. However, if your kid is still young, they might not have complete control over their strength or be able to properly adjust their muscles and positions. In these cases, the only risks are sprains and strains, so you might want to get the help of a qualified instructor to avoid these possibilities. Of course, this risk increases when yoga exercises get more complex, such as headstands or the lotus position, but as long as you play it safe, your kid will be alright. 

Here are some yoga poses for children 

There are many easy and fun yoga exercises for kids. Know that a simple routine also includes stretching, essential before and after the exercise session to help avoid injuries and enhance their yoga exercises. Stretching should take about ten minutes, and you can include the following:

  • Toe touching 
  • Neck half circles 
  • Shoulder circles 
  • Arm circles 
  • Side bends
  • Child’s pose

Some adequate yoga positions for kids shouldn’t put too much pressure on their bodies, for example:

  • The mountain pose is one of the easiest. With their shoulders relaxed and straight back, your kid will get their palms forward and spread out their fingers in the standing position. Additionally to the exercise, the exercise is supposed to promote a feeling of calm and strength;
  • The warrior poses may be your kid’s favourite exercise. The exercise is done by taking a step back with one foot, bending the front knee and putting their arms in the air. Holding the position and taking deep breaths will benefit coordination and stretch the whole body;
  • The tree pose is great for kids who want to play pretend. This potion might be more difficult to achieve, but you can modify it depending on your kid’s age. Start from the mountain pose, then bring up your left foot by bending the knee and keeping it on the inside of the right leg. Reach out your hands and hold the position;

These are basic exercises, but you can also try the cobra, cat-cow, and bridge poses. Remember that stretching is also necessary after the yoga session to cool down the body. 

Yoga is great even as an extension of another sport 

Even if your kid is doing another sport requiring physical or mental effort, yoga can help you find balance and calmness. For example, yoga can promote flexibility and concentration if your kid is doing baseball, gymnastics or even football. Yoga is a perfect way to practise cross-training and avoiding injuries. 

Moreover, yoga can benefit academic performance, too, if done consistently. Considering the kids’ brains are similar to a sponge, it’s safe to say that assimilating knowledge can be enhanced if their health is in excellent condition and they keep moving. Yoga can also help build endurance, which is essential to have at any time in life, so by practising yoga, you’re preparing them for growing up and facing difficulties. Suppose they keep doing yoga when growing up. In that case, you can teach them about breathing exercises and mindfulness to complete the yoga experience and have them used to making efforts towards a healthier and better life. 

Final considerations 

Kids should be introduced to different sports and activities to enhance their body and mind. One of the recommended and most accessible practices includes yoga, which has simple yet demanding positions that improve important functions of the body, such as endurance, muscle memory and balance. What do you say? Will you have a yoga session with your beloved children? 

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