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SINGAPORE 2019 FAMILY TRIP | Our 3-Day Itinerary with Little Budget & Planning

Don’t be sad that it’s over, be thankful it happened”

As I look through the photographs of our family’s recent trip to Singapore, it made me feel how time just flies by so fast. It’s so limited that the moments you’re having right now will only be memories a few seconds later. And those memories can be forgotten if not contained in tangible formats like photos, videos, or texts.

Hi everyone! Today I’ll be sharing with you our 3-day Singapore Unplanned Itinerary and Budget. No promo fares, no calculations, all spontaneous (almost).  This is just a summary of our trip, make sure to check the individual posts for full details and photos.


For details, see:


Affordable Flight to Singapore

Philippine Airlines Singapore

My tita and I don’t want the headache airlines like Cebu Pacific give to its customers, so we opted to book from a 4-star Philippine Airlines. They do have seat sales occasionally so watch out for those! 

Cost: 134USD roundtrip airfare with meal (economy)

In fairness to PAL, they have delicious plane food! Served hot and tasty! 


Wifi Connection

Big Sky Nation Pocket Wifi

You have the options of buying a traveller’s simcard or  you can do what I did and just rented a travel pocket wifi from Big Sky Nation. Compared to other pocket wifi’s I’ve tried. This baby lasted me the WHOLE DAY without charging and all 5 of us were connected. Super handy! I was able to keep my socials up-to-date, access my emails, upload travel photos and more.

Cost: 450PHP/day

Use my Big Sky Nation Coupon Code: KIKAYTRAVELS to get 10% Off your rental!

Singapore MRT Map

NP3 SM - Up to CRL1-page-001 (1)_resized

This handy dandy map is EXTREMELY useful. Especially if it’s your first time to visit Singapore. Grab Cars/Taxis can be expensive and the best way to get around the country is through their trains.

Another thing that’s great in Singapore is you can wear whatever you want and have less chance of getting harassed

But since Jop and I were with oldies, we took a few Grab Car rides to that can cost you around 9sgd-15sgd per trip.

Singapore is one of the safest countries in the world and very child-friendly. So I highly recommend this if you’re planning to travel with your kids for the first time!


AirBNB Accomodation

Initially we booked a hotel, but decided we want a comfortable home-stay at a lower cost. So my aunt suggested we book on AirBNB. I did a quick search and thankfully, the #1 AirBNB in Singapore was available at that time. 

Cost: 100usd/night Private Room for 4-6 Adults


Day 1: Universal Studios Sentosa

A lot of my college blockmates are long-term employees at Singapore. They advised me that the best days to visit Universa Studios in Sentosa is on weekdays. Because there are less tourists, and less residents who’ll take advantage of their discounts.

Cost: 79sgd/person

How to get there: Drop off at Vivo City, the Sentosa Train is on the 2nd floor

Read full story + Photos: Visiting Universal Studios Singapore


Day 2: Singapore Zoo River Safari + Bugis Street Shopping

Singapore Zoo River Safari + Bugis Street Shopping

Still for macho kid. I showed him the Singapore Zoo website and let him choose 1 out of all 4 types of attraction they have. Night Safari, Singapore Zoo, River Safari, and Jurong Bird Park. He wanted the trip to be more interactive than just walking around so he picked the River Safari

Cost: 35SGD/person +5SGD for the Amazon Boat Ride (must-try!)

How to get there: Drop-off at Khatib Station and there’s a bus directly going to Singapore Zoo for 1SGD

Read full story + Photos: River Safari Singapore and Bugis Street


Day 3: Science Centre Singapore


We had a compromise with macho kid that morning activities would be for him, while we the older folks get our time spent on the afternoon. Jop and I LOVE Science Centre. It has so many activities for kids that can stimulate both their minds and body. From a fun water play station, Tesla Coil Show, butterfly dome, laser challenge, mirror maze, and a lot more. 

Honestly, we had a better time here than at Universal Studios. A lot cheaper too because it costs half as much and you can do more things because there are less queue. Especially if you visit in the morning.

Cost: 35sgd for all attractions / person if you’re a tourist

How to get there? Drop off at Jurong East and ride a 66 bus or you can also walk. We opted for the bus.

Read full story + Photos: Our Trip to Science Centre Singapore


My Singapore Story

Our trip comes from an extremely personal background. That’s why Singapore holds a special place in my heart and will probably visit the country every year. Feel free to translate or skip if you can’t read tagalog:


2012 vs 2019

So madami din nagtanong kung saan galing tong picture na to. Bakit ako nagselfie ng umiiyak mukhang tanga lang.

Naiiyak nanaman ako.

Share ko na din for memory's sake:

Walang asawa
Walang trabaho
Walang pamilya

Ito ata isa sa lowest point ng buhay ko. Kaya ko kinunan ng litrato. Nasa isip ko nun, babaligtad din ba ang tadhana?

2012. Punta kong SG para ipaglaban ung marriage ko sa ex kong may kabit dun. Kasi Dec. 25 2011 nung hindi sya umuwi ng bahay sa Pilipinas at nalaman ko na may iba sya. 
Sabi nya "Pag nakakuha ka ng trabaho sa Singapore, aayusin ko na marriage natin"

Nakakuha ko ng trabaho sa SG. Pero hindi sya umuuwi ng bahay. Mga 1 month na ganun. Iyak lang ako ng iyak pag gabi. Nagbabasa ng Bible. Sobrang religious ko noon.

After 1 month, di ko na kinaya sabi ko lilipat na ko sa ibang bahay. Sinamahan ako ng mama ko tita ko, saka ni jop sa bago kong nilipatan. 30 days sila dun habang nag adjust ako.

Tapos umuwi na sila ng Pilipinas

Mga 7 months din ako andun... kahit mas gusto ko sa Pilipinas para kasama anak ko. Ayoko kasi ng "broken family"

Pero after nun, naging biktima ako ng harassment. Pero nung nireport ko, binaligtad ako nung lalake. Ako pa ung natanggal sa trabaho.

Umuwi na ko sa Pilipinas the ff week. Tapos BAGYO pa. Nastranded ako sa Airport ng 1 araw. Si Habagat yata un.

Hindi ako makapaniwala na years later, babalik ako sa Singapore ng

May pamilya
May anak na sobrang mahal na mahal ko --
Sa may mga pinagdadaanan jan. Laban lang. Kung hindi ka man okay ngayon, o bukas. Darating din ang araw. Ngingiti ka din ulit.

Now that I got that out of my chest, I can’t wait to visit this lovely country again. See you next year Singapore!







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