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While we all want gender equality. Thankfully there are still companies who produce and think of making smartphones for women. The kikay in me always like seeing gadgets and phones that are specifically made to cater to women. (Okay let’s not do the let’s not stereotype women on liking pink and stuff)
but generally speaking, women want to see some femininity in their phones. Not just black. (or white)

Though I love my Galaxy Mini given to moi by my hubby.I’m still on the lookout for that next phone. Something more lady like to match my personality. Oh something pink. Ever since smartphones were invented, either from a droid or an ios. Information was really literally right in your fingertips. You can have what you want any info right then and there! It’s perfect for the information-hungry individual like me who likes to chomp at info especially when I have to know about something!

If only Samsung Galaxies or iPhones made some in fuschia. *sigh* Pink iPhone picture below, but it’s a fake one so…

Anway here’s a couple of phones, with style and features that are geared towards ladies ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰

HTC Rhyme

Review of the phone can be taken here:ยย credits to the site for the picture.

What’s unique to this phone is the dangling charm that comes with it. It will blink all sorta cute light and you dangle it outside your back so you know when someone called you or sent you a message without checking out your phone (if it’s on silent mode or it’s just too darn noisy)
and the other one being Sony Erricson’s Xperia series because they always make in either a gorgeus fuschia or stunning turquoise
Xperia Ray in Pink

I was thinking of other lady like features like a phone that also serves as a mood ring so it changes color depending on your mood. That would be so cool!!

It’s a tiring thursday. ๐Ÿ˜› I wrote this post wednesday night after a very exhausting day of moving around back and forth from events-office-events-home take care of baby. Being a working mom and blogger is fulfilling but tiring. Both things though it drains all my energy, they are also the reason why I am very happy. (Of course the other greater reasons are God and my husband)
So this all saints and all souls.. kikaysikat will take another… short weekend break to relax a bit…


If ever you miss me… you can read my older posts and reminisce hehe… or follow me on twiter @kikaysikat


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