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A Society of Consumerism – Everything Else is Superficial

a society of consumerism
a society of consumerism

As I’m warming up to write my usual reviews on products and features on events, I was inspired to create something from the heart. Hello. I am Kaycee and I have been blogging for more or less 9 years now. I started this blog because I wanted to share my thoughts on anything I dabble on. After a few years as my site visits grew, it evolved into a marketing mayhem where brands left and right would tap kikaysikat for campaigns and promotions. I received invites for a lot of events (mostly pro-bono, unpaid) and it was fun. It was good while it lasted. I got obsessed with curating the perfect feed on instagram, made sure I was not missing out on events. It eventually got tiring.

I’m writing this now as someone who’s already gone back to her roots. I grew a little bit of “ego” during that period, burned bridges, made frenemies. It wasn’t what I wanted. After realizing my mistakes, I brushed off that ego and started anew. I began to write from the heart again and it felt good. Yesterday, I also started to stop using filters or overthinking on what to post on social media. I just put out what ever I feel like.

You’re probably wondering what the heck am I talking about.  I don’t even know the right words to say. I just write as it is. In this era of socal media image is everything. Influencers or whatever you’d like to call them don’t actually exist. They are facades of marketing pretending to be organic individuals but in reality they are no one but paid persons. To convince you to buy products you don’t actually need. I was guilty of this and now I am ending it for good. Our society is regressing. Instead of focusing on what the world needs we still waste our lives working for what we don’t.

I am not an influencer. I accept paid postings to write what I want. If you want the truth, I rejected a lot of brands that I don’t believe in despite the high paycheck. I blog here to write real reviews. No bullshit. Because in a society of consumerism, the least I can do is help you avoid wasting hard earned cash because some person brainwash you into buying an inferior product.


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