The Beauty Benefits of Aloe Vera


We have been hearing about Aloe Vera’s benefits for so long. In fact, most beauty experts recommend that you use it on a daily basis. In the beginning, aloe vera gel was only used for hair; mostly due to the fact that it was observed as a weird “contraption.” Then, as people got used to the idea of using it on their hair, scientists began discovering its many benefits which stand to prove the notion that cacti have other uses than being cool movie props.

What is Aloe Vera?

Basically, Aloe Vera is a species of cactus which is well known for its fat leaves which happen to contain a sort of gel. This gel is what people look for and aim to extract because of the great amount of health benefits that it possesses.

How do you extract Aloe Vera gel?

Regardless of how easy it is to extract from household Aloe Vera plants, most people choose to purchase it from beauty shops, supermarkets or pharmacies; the only upside to that is preserving their household plants.

If you want to extract Aloe Vera, you need to pick out the thickest leaves in your plant from their base; keep in mind to pull gently so as not to tear the leaves apart. After that, use a knife to cut the edges of the leaf and split it in half.

The gel should now be on the inside of both halves. Then, what you need to do is simply grab a spoon and scoop the bounty-filled gel out into a container of your choice; remember to keep it refrigerated.

What does Aloe Vera gel do for you?

  • Moisturizes

Aloe Vera gel is famous for having cooling, as well as, healing properties. It treats the external layers of the skin, provides it with moisture and helps the skin maintain that moisture.

Feet spend most of their time completely isolated from fresh air, especially the skin underneath your feet. Whether it be by socks or shoes, most of the time, there is a layer suffocating one’s feet. This is Why You Should Put Aloe Vera Gel On Your Feet Overnight, when you’re least likely to be using them. This is definitely one of the best times to use it.

It is important for feet to, at least, preserve their moisture in order to prevent the skin from drying out and cracking. Aloe Vera contains enzymes and several substances that promote blood circulation.

Moreover, Aloe Vera gel is superior to other chemical-based moisturizers because it does not leave a greasy layer on the skin after it dries. This makes it one of the best substances to use before applying makeup because it helps in preserving the skin’s refreshed look.

  • Heals wounds

As we have mentioned before, Aloe Vera gel is famous for its healing properties. Ancient civilizations often used it to treat small cuts and wounds because of its ability to repair skin cells.

The gel’s mode of operation depends on it being capable of penetrating the epidermis; which is the outermost layer of skin, without taking much time. After gaining access to the damaged cells, according to studies, it starts working on speeding up the reproduction of skin cells.

Then, as new skin cells are being made to patch up the exposed area, Aloe Vera gel keeps them safe by guaranteeing them a continuous supply of nutrients which leads to an even faster growth rate.

  • Boosts hair and scalp health

Aloe Vera gel is excessively used in hair products; mostly creams and shampoos, because it contains proteolytic enzymes. Furthermore, Aloe Vera gel has an effect on blood circulation; it promotes circulation around the scalp area.

The increase of circulation means that the scalp will be receiving an extra dose of vitamins and nutrients that it usually misses out on because of the lack of blood circulation. Consequently, the speed by which hair grows increases; and not only that. Increased blood circulation can also stimulate follicle cells, which may lead to the growth of new hair strands.

In addition, if you were one of those who have been struggling with those lovely white flakes known as dandruff for the greater part of your life, Aloe Vera is the thing for you. If you had done your research, you would know that the number one cause of dandruff is dry, irritated skin.

As we have repeatedly mentioned, Aloe Vera gel increases the blood supply heading to the scalp and it also moisturizes skin from the inside until it finally reaches the outer layers. That, combined with Aloe Vera’s healing, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory qualities, contributes in a major way to prevent skin from losing its moisture; the gel will never allow the skin to start cracking in the first place.

  • Treats acne

Acne occurs as a result of bacteria, microbes, dead skin and oils getting stuck within our skin pores. What Aloe Vera does is that it kills microbes and helps reduce inflammation, all the while, reducing the size of the pores themselves.

In that manner, it prevents further infections and pore blockage without leaving oily residues all over one’s face. Some types of medicine have even used it  to treat skin conditions such as; eczema.

A Quick Recap

Aloe Vera gel which is extracted from a type of cactus that goes by the same name, contains a significant number of health benefits which is the reason behind many medical and beauty professionals advocating its use. The gel moisturizes skin cells and supplies them with nutrients. Another benefit that we have mentioned is its ability to prevent infections and soothe inflammation, which makes it a common component in sun creams. Finally, Aloe Vera, promotes scalp health, as well as, sustainable and healthy hair growth. So, if you are planning on growing out your hair, or if you suffer from excessive hair fall, all what you need to do is massage Aloe Vera gel into your scalp. However, if you can’t purchase the raw gel itself, you can use a cream that contains a high percentage of the substance as an alternative.

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