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The Colors Of An Aura Mean: What Does It Mean?

Every living thing is surrounded by an aura. Every single aura color represents a person’s mood and physical health. For this reason, the proper interpretation of those colors can help a lot in understanding ourselves and making us become more familiar with our dreams, thoughts, hopes, and feelings. There are actually a lot of different aura colors, that vary a lot. Some are more intense and some others can be deeper or lighter in color.


Being able to recognize the different shades of a color is an important factor when we think about how to see auras. Besides, the ability to see and interpret color auras can be a life-changing experience. Taking note of the presence of color in a person’s aura is the first step towards developing the ability to see and read auras. So, what do the colors of an aura actually mean?

White aura colors


White is by nature the color of purity and newness. White aura colors can be usually found in spiritual individuals who possess great capabilities and angelic qualities. White sparkles or flashes show that an angel is nearby. The white color is also, a sign that there are high energy forms in your daily life. When you have a white aura, it means that you are probably in a state of cleansing and purifying. Moreover, white highlights you need to turn over a new leaf and free yourself from past mistakes or obstacles.

Black aura colors


A black aura is usually a sign that you are holding negative thoughts and emotions close at heart. Anger, hatred or unwillingness to forgive can lead to the darkening of your aura. That color is also, an indicator that disease is present in some parts of your body. Particularly if black is seen close to a specific part of your body, for example, the knee, it probably means that this area is blocked and therefore, you may experience some form of pain there. Black, can also, be a sign of death and rebirth.

Red aura


We all know that red is the color of power and strength. People with a red aura are usually passionate, self-sufficient, strong and energetic. The different shades of red, as well as the intensity of the color, affects a lot the final result and can give this color a positive or negative meaning. That being said, a dark red aura usually means that you are self-centered and ready to survive any circumstances. On the other hand, a clouded red aura represents negative energy and show that you are really angry. A pink aura means that you are a loving individual, physically gifted and loved.

Orange aura


If you have a bright orange aura, then you are probably a healthy and excited person. You are emotionally expressive, creative and ambitious. If your aura is more of a red-orange shade, then you are extremely confident and energetic. On the other hand, muddier shades of orange indicate emotional imbalance and a tendency towards being stressed and flamboyant.

Yellow aura


Yellow is undoubtedly the color of happiness and optimism. People with this aura color are usually energetic and spiritually awakened. The shade of the yellow aura differs a lot among individuals and reveals a lot of different things about one’s mood and feelings. The lemon yellow aura is connected to a fear of loss, for example, the fear of losing control over your health or your money. A pale yellow aura signifies that you recently started a spiritual journey and a dark yellow aura is associated with stress and pressure.

Blue aura


Blue is a calm, cool and loving color that represents peace, quietness and caring. People with a blue aura are always sensitive towards other people’s problems and ready to help them get over them. Others lean on you for help and you are ready to give them whatever they need without having second thoughts. Dark blue, can also, mean that you do not really trust the future, because you need to have the upper hand at all times. A lighter shade, on the other hand, signifies that you are really communicating and sincere.

Green aura


Green is the color of nature. It is also, the color of the heart. People with this aura are really compassionate and willing to help others. Those who work for the public good, including doctors and teachers are usually gifted with this color of aura. This color also reflects a personal attempt to change and transform into a better version of yourself. A light green aura is associated with love, innocence, and healing energy. A yellow-green aura means that you are a great communicator. Finally, a dark green aura has usually a negative meaning since it is connected with jealousy and resentment.

Purple aura


A person with a purple aura is usually a leader who can perfectly combine his spiritual powers with his physical energy. Purple indicates visualization, perception, spiritual wealth and an artistic talent. Particularly those of us who possess a violet aura are capable to change the world with our spiritual power and daydreaming. Indigo aura, on the other hand, is the color of intuition, deep feeling, and sensitive nature.

Gold aura

Gold means that you are destined to achieve great things with the guidance and help of higher spiritual powers. You are a mastermind who understands exactly the way the universe works. A person with this aura is gifted with intuition, willpower, wisdom and spiritual thinking.

Silver aura


Silver is the color of abundance. A shiny and vivid version of it shows that the person has high spiritual and physical powers. A lot of bright and intense silver is connected with wealth and spiritual awakening. A muddy silver, on the other hand, has mostly a negative meaning and signifies that the person may suffer from some type of health problem in particular parts of his body.


Understanding your aura colors and most importantly, learning to interpret them correctly can provide you with a better understanding of yourself. It can also, give you the chance to look deep into your heart and brain and discover your inner thoughts, dreams, buried emotions and life goals. Once you get to know your personal aura color, you can really begin to change things that may hold you back and let yourself shine.








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