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The Secret of Moist Glowing Skin – New Jergens Girl Hillarie Reveals

is the New Jergens Girl! The favorite moisturizer of generations of women chose
the 25-year old beauty — a commercial, print and runway model — for her
signature glowing skin and vibrant personality.
Pamintuan, Jergens Brand Officer said Hillarie’s personality fits the brand
perfectly. “She is elegant and aspirational. She embodies what a real Jergens
lady is.” Hillarie will represent the brand in its 2016 Moist Glowing Skin
Campaign, grace its print ads and videos, and star in Jergens events.
the New Jergens Girl, Hillarie will create awareness about skin health and
beauty as well as stress the importance of moisturizing to achieve glowing, beautiful skin.
moisturized skin is made possible by an illuminating Hydralucence™ blend, a
breakthrough technology unique to Jergens that forms a continuous double layer
of moisture on skin when applied. The result is an awesomely smooth surface
that lets light reflect off the skin. Skin looks luminous on the outside, while
inside, a continuous protective barrier of moisture is formed, making sure skin
is constantly nourished from its deeper layers.
variants of Jergens skincare products reformulated with HYDRALUCENCE™ blend is
highlighted in the campaign.
Jergens Original
Beauty features the Jergens trademark cherry-almond
fragrance, and now has an improved moisturizing formula for visibly softer skin
with just one use.

 Jergens Ultra Healing is recommended
for ultra dry skin because it penetrates through five layers of the skin’s
surface and helps re-moisturize heels, elbows, knees and sensitive skin.

Jergens Soothing Aloe
soothes, hydrates and refreshes skin because it has the triple power of aloe,
eucalyptus and cucumber.

Daily Moisture contains silk proteins and citrus
extracts that provide continuous skin moisture for up to 24 hours.

Hydrating Coconut has a fast-absorbing,
refreshing hydrating formula with coconut oil and coconut water to turn dry
skin supple and luminous.

bodies can’t go a day without water. In the same way, our skin shouldn’t go a
day without hydration. Moisturizers are the “water” for our skin. They lock in
moisture and make our skin smoother, softer and fresher-looking, keeping skin
at its best. Beautiful, moisturized skin really does boost one’s confidence and
can bring out the best in us. Moist, glowing skin is your most beautiful skin!
You can get that head-to-toe glow from Jergens,” said Hillarie.
Jergens Moisturizers are distributed in the Philippines by Vibelle
Distribution, Inc. and are available in leading department stores, supermarkets
and retailers nationwide.


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