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Top 8 Dollywood Rides You will Love to Experience

Riding fast through the air and enjoying the mesmerizing views, it’s going to be super-excited. Isn’t it? It will make you feel on top of this world. If you are fond of riding roller coasters, Dollywood is certainly the perfect place to visit. The cheerful environment attracts thousands of visitors and tourists every year. While relaxing in a pleasant atmosphere, taking a thrilling ride is something you cannot miss out on. As soon as you step into Dollywood, you are more likely to feel overwhelmed. With many roller coasters available, it might be challenging for you to choose one or more rides for yourself and the entire family. Well, we are here to guide you on the best rides you may want to consider. Let’s get started with our top 8 picks!

1 Tennessee Tornado

If you are looking forward to an incredibly thrilling experience, look no further than Tennessee Tornado. It’s a terrifying twister making its path through an ancient mining company. This short ride is full of exciting twists and turns that you may hardly find anywhere else. Be prepared for a lot of screaming as you go through every turn and experience the ultimate force of nature. Every loop is better than the previous one – it’s all about surprises.

2 Wild Eagle

When we talk about Wild Eagle, it gives you one of a kind experience. This America’s first wing coaster features 21 stories offering you mesmerizing views all around. You will be riding on the wings of the eagle under the sky. The coaster is equipped with 4x G-force, four inversions, and moves up to incredible speed. Are you ready?

3 Thunderhead

Thunderhead is the very first wooden coaster at Dollywood. It is among the first roller coasters offering an in-station drive-by. The coaster moves more than 30 times below and above itself throughout the ride. As soon as you reach the top, you will experience a 100-foot drop. The entire ride will go up, down, and sideways constantly unless and until you reach the end. This roller coaster is a favorite of many people who visit Dollywood.

4 Mystery Mine

Well, the Mystery Mine has some real mystery inside it. You will ride through a mining company and have fun throughout the way. From the beginning of the ride, you will experience a thrilling drop immediately. Who doesn’t want to enjoy the straight-up and down ride? The final drop is the most exciting of all. If you are a thrill-seeker, you will absolutely love it.

5 Lightning Rod

Introduced in the year 2016, Lightning Rod is the record-breaking roller coaster you will ever experience. This extraordinary ride takes you up the mountain and races down the other side traveling an approximate 73 miles per hour. The speed of the train is way faster than you may expect. By the end of the ride, it will perhaps take your breath away. Exciting Enough! 

6 Blazing Fury

If you have ever visited Dollywood, you are more likely to be familiar with Blazing Fury. On the other hand, if you are planning your first visit here riding on a Blazing Fury will give you a thrilling experience that you might not have before. Built in the year 1978, it’s considered one of the oldest rides you will ever find. It’s an underground roller coaster following a town theme immersed in flames. The most interesting part of this ride is you can never anticipate when the next twist and turn will come which makes it both exciting and surprising.

7 Daredevil Falls

The Daredevil Falls has received tremendous popularity and certainly for many good reasons. From exciting twists and turns to incredible loops, enjoy the ultimate hydrating feel you will love to have. Summers are hot in Tennessee. It is more like shaking hands with the sun – extremely hot. You will want to ride on the Daredevil Falls several times to stay cool and thrilled. The log boats take you through canals at a slow speed as you travel through an abandoned wood logging site. As soon as you head up the hill, you are more likely to think about how you will get down. Watch Out! The thrilling waterfall will bring you down at 50 mph. It’s an approximately 60-foot drop. You will probably get wet, though you will definitely want it in this heat.

8 Fire Chaser Express

Here we go with our final pick! The Fire Chaser Express is popular among both adults and children. It’s the country’s first dual-launch family coaster. WHOOH! The heroic feel is more than amazing. Riders will go forward and backward on this fast-paced coaster making you scream like anything. It won’t be exaggerating to say that the ride will test your bravery. Let the entire family become brave souls to face the big blaze.

Wrapping Up

If your idea of a memorable ride includes vertical ups and drops, unexpected inversions, and wonderful scenery, you are more likely to plan your next visit to Dollywood. If you are looking forward to the best sequence of attractions, you are bound to have a thrilling experience. Making up your mind to visit Dollywood? Well, make sure to consider one or more of these rides discussed above.

These incredible roller coasters will give you a lifetime experience. On the other hand, if you are looking for something more other than the rides, the park has a lot more to offer. It’s filled with many other beautiful attractions and fanatic shows for the entire family to enjoy. For the ultimate experience, you will love to experience these rides on your exciting vacation. Well, let us know which ride you prefer the most in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you. Stay Safe and Enjoy! 

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