Top Reasons Visa Gift Cards are the Gift of Choice in 2021

Top Reasons Visa Gift Cards are the Gift of Choice in 2021

We are emerging from a historical setback. 2020 brought with it personal and business lockdowns. As we slowly progressed toward a brighter future, that progress has brought with it, the ability to move around, and feel comfortable out in society again. What hasn’t changed is people’s unbridled and enthusiastic gift giving tendencies. Celebrations such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and bridal showers, feel more important than ever before.

In the past, people have lamented over finding the best gift for such occasions. Faced with the task of wanting to perfectly embody the spirit of joy the special occasion presents, there has traditionally been a fair amount of stress, accompanying the choosing of which gift to buy, and which to leave on the shelf. Visa gift cards offer an opportunity for consumers to take the burden and uncertainty out of gift giving, without sacrificing any of the personalization. 

Use them online from the safety and comfort of your own home – There’s nothing quite like shopping from home. With a Visa gift card in hand, purchases are convenient, easy, and fun.  Avoidance of long lines to stand in, is a given. There are no crowds to navigate through, no holiday, or rush hour traffic to contend with, and just the soft, warmth, and coziness of a favorite chair is required. 

They are easier to carry than cash – Carrying cash around can make anyone feel like a target for thieves. When purchases are made with cash, it’s easy to hand over too much money, or even drop bills on the floor, unwittingly. Visa gift cards fit snuggly in a wallet, with all of the other cards, and purchase prices are always exact. Balances can conveniently be checked online, along with the card’s purchase history.

It takes the stress out of gift giving – As summer approaches, so do the weddings and the bridal showers, birthdays, graduations, and anniversaries. It can be difficult to find the perfect gift for every occasion. Considering what is suitable for each individual, or couple, on your list, can be mentally draining, as you always want to have their best interests in mind. A Visa gift card, which can also be personalized with a special photo and text, can turn this process from stressful, to one of bliss, ease, and convenience. 

As gifts, they are greatly appreciated – Even better than cash, because cash can’t be used online and around the world, Visa gift cards allow the recipient to get exactly what they want. No more accidently doubling up of gifts from a registry, or choosing another of two or three already chosen toasters, due to the inaccuracy of these registry updates. Gift recipients have the power of privacy and choice with a gift card in hand, and they will be especially appreciative of that fact!

They can easily be personalized – Want to make this gift even more appealing? Easily personalize the card with a treasured photo of the two of you together, or another picture that you know will make them feel special. You can also choose text, to be displayed as a heartfelt expression of your sincere greetings and well wishes.

No more gift returns – Most people aren’t fond of having to return the gifts that are given to them. There’s a sense of disappointment, and sometimes secrecy, when this happens, because everyone likes to think they’ve delivered the most thoughtful gift. With a Visa gift card, there are no gift return lines, re-packaging and shipping of the item, or minutes spent on hold, waiting for customer service.

You stand out above the gift giving crowd – Everyone wants their gift to be remembered fondly, and a Visa gift card enables you to be the one whose gift stands out. You’ll be remembered as the person who let the gift receiver get exactly what they wanted! 

Gift recipient can purchase whatever they like – Whether it’s a service,  a product, or time away at a hotel, the funds go to precisely where the gift recipient is desirous for them to go.

Gift giving will never go out of style, but trends definitely change.  Give the preferred gift of choice this year, for all of those small and big upcoming occasions. Let your recipients have the freedom to choose something they’ve craved, and, if you choose, keep the personalized card as a cherished keepsake of your generous, and caring gesture, on their special occasion.

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