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How to Whiten Skin

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This post was written 4 years ago in order to show the progression of my skin complexion from being a morena to a mestiza. I’ve used several skin whitening products in the past from skin whitening soaps, whitening creams, whitening lotions, and even whitening supplements that I’ve made reviews on all of them (located at the end of the post). As a disclaimer, not everyone wishes to have a fair complexion, just like not everyone desires to be tan. To each his/her own. šŸ™‚

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I got inspired by the thread from Soompi where people are posting their pictures when they wear an “ugly duckling” then they bloomed to become such beautiful swans. I personally think it’s with the confidence level though, no one is born ugly, it’s just how you dress up, fix, and carry yourself; and I guess thru the years we learn and gain knowledge on how to look better.
I will update this when I get my gradeschool picture, I was BULLIED when I was in elementary through highschool, as in soo bullied I didn’t have a lot of friends and people tell me how ugly I am šŸ™

Want to share you mine..


This was my original skin color. 
I’m the darkest on in the photo!!!
how to whiten skin
Highschool Prom – 15 Years Old
how to whiten skin
2nd Year College – 18 Years Old
how to whiten skin
Me 4 years ago

how to whiten skin

and I think I learned how to move my eyes and mouth better
For the physical, I think nothing much has changed but I don’t know, I think I look prettier now.
I think my “makeover” was with how I changed my smile and my aura in life, I used to be all shy and awkward to smile. So here are a collection of articles I’ve written throughout the years to help you on your skin whitening journey.



(I have a separate section for skin whitening supplements)
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