Watsons volunteer moms bring their compassionate hearts and healing hands to communities through their dedicated volunteer work

It takes a village to mount a Watsons Alagang Pangkalusugan medical mission. There are volunteer doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel. Watsons also invites supplier partners to donate medicines and medical supplies and witness the work being done in the communities. Then there are the Watsons employee volunteers who use their days off to give back instead of resting and spending time with their families. 

A number of these Watsons volunteers are mothers. Patience and leadership skills are traits that many good volunteers have and if there is one person who has these traits and more, it’s a mother. 

For Watsons moms who volunteer for Alagang Pangkalusugan medical missions, volunteerism is a commitment. Since 2013, Alagang Pangkalusugan has benefited over 6,500 Filipinos. Watsons is very proud to be a partner of Filipino families in their journey to good health.

Editha “Meg” Aguila has been a Watsons employee for eight years. She started volunteering for a medical mission last year.

“It is my 2nd year this year in Watsons with MNDC Metro Naga Development Council but in my store, we already conducted simple community services to the elderly way back in 2017.  We would share our time and help provide the elderly with essential needs and also gave them food from our Christmas caroling fund,” said Aguila, a Watsons store manager and mother of three.

One of Aguila’s most memorable experiences as a volunteer was when the medical mission went to her hometown of Libmanan. But for Aguila, it’s even more special and poignant when they work with children.

“I am a mother too, I felt the same pain and anxiety of the mother’s patient. I will lead them to the attending doctor and if ever they need my advice on how to interpret the prescription, I will help them so they may be guided correctly.” 

Eden Valenzuela, a Watsons employee for over 13 years now and a pharmacy manager, also considers it a privilege to be working with children. 

“I am sad that because of poverty,  they cannot have regular check-ups for their kids. Their kids are malnourished. I always tell them to take care of their children and give them proper care. I also remind them about giving the kids healthy food and vitamins,” said the mother of three.

Joan Pacio, a pharmacy manager who has been with Watsons for 21 years, said her civic duty and faith in the common good are what motivate her to volunteer.

“Helping other people is a life fulfilling duty. It is also fulfilling to help meet the health needs of the less privileged especially in far-flung barangays,” said the mother of two.

For Meg Aguila, her motivation is to help others and make an impact on the lives of the beneficiaries.

Eden Valenzuela said she is happy to see the happy faces of people when they have free check-ups and medication.

“We have been seeing a rise in employee participation in support of  Alagang Pangkalusugan in each area as more and more patients benefit from this initiative. We’re very happy that our employees are taking part in this,” said Sharon Decapia, Watsons Senior AVP for Marketing, PR & Sustainability

Watsons’ social purpose tagline “Look Good Do Good Feel Great” has been guiding the company in inspiring its employees and customers on their sustainability goals. This social purpose is in the company’s DNA. The spirit of doing good is deeply ingrained in the Watsons’ culture. In 1841, A.S. Watsons founder Alexander Skirving Watson provided free medicine to the needy in the first dispensary.

You can help support Watsons medical missions by visiting any Watsons store near you or shop online via Watsons App.

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