Ways in which we can fight heavy metal toxicity

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Do you work in an industry that emits different gases into the atmosphere? You should not assume that you are safe from heavy metal toxicity. Having heavy metal in the body can cause serious damage to one’s immune system. It happens to some people without their knowledge and causes different health problems. That is why everyone should be aware of metal toxicity and take preventive measures to be safe from it.

Before we talk about how you can prevent yourself from metal toxicity, you should first understand the source of heavy metals and the symptoms of the condition. Some of the heavy metals include uranium, mercury, lead, arsenic. These metals have different sources, for instance, mercury is found in thermometers and some vaccines. Heavy metals can also come from tooth filling, batteries, cigarette smoke as well as automobile exhaust. Take a look at the worst form of heavy metals.


Arsenic comes from environmental pollution as it is released from the process of manufacturing glass and chemicals. You can also ingest arsenic through poisons designed for insects or from the water. It is also passed through skin contact and foods such as non-organic chicken. Unfortunately, some people add an additive that is arsenic-based to chicken feed to make them grow faster and get rid of parasites.


Lead is also a heavy metal that causes most of the toxicity in humans especially children. Soldering materials use the soft metal during the construction of homes. It is common in some paint pigments, cable coverings, and fuel additives. High lead levels have a negative impact on the kidneys, bones, brain and the thyroid.


Among the worst heavy metals that also cause toxicity is mercury. It comes from volcanic emissions and aquatic food chains. Mercury finds its way into our atmosphere and gets back to the earth through rainfall making its way into the water. Some compounds of mercury are also used to make medicines and vaccines. Some dental fillings also contain mercury since it causes major depression in patients who undergo amalgam fillings.

How can you tell you have heavy metal toxicity?


The symptoms may be different is some people, but the most common ones include irritability, dry skin, digestive problems, the lack of memory and heart diseases. These symptoms may be visible if the body does not have a strong detoxification system.

The liver helps you flush out toxins from the body. If it does not function accordingly, you may suffer from heavy metal toxicity. The symptoms may also differ depending on which metal caused the poisoning. Some people can flush out toxins out of the system well while others who have chronic health issues develop a buildup of heavy metals.

The body needs minimal amounts of some metal such as copper, zinc, and iron but high amounts of some metal are harmful. Some other causes of heavy metal poisoning include medicines, water or air pollution, food containers that are not properly coated or ingesting paints that contain lead.

What are the preventive measures against heavy metal toxicity?

Take supplements

Your body needs multi-vitamin supplements which can assist your kidneys and liver generate antioxidants to neutralize the toxins and filter them out of the body. Supplements such as Fulvic minerals and body detox are a safe way of detoxifying your body from harmful toxins. They also prevent the accumulation of harmful substances and keep your organs safe from harm.

Avoid exposure

Reduce exposure to heavy metal as much as possible. Stay away from products that are rich in heavy metals and chemicals. This includes some jewelry, foods that contain pesticides and areas that emit a lot of harmful gases. If you work in such a company, ensure that you always use face masks to avoid inhaling harmful gases. Clean your home regularly to prevent the accumulation of dust that pollutes the air.

Consider chelating agents

Agents such as chemet can attach themselves to the metal and eliminate it from the body as you pass urine. You can also suction the stomach to get rid of any metal that you may have ingested from some foods.

Check your diet

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Maintaining a nutritious diet is a good way of battling toxins. If you lack the right metals in the body, it turns to toxic metals as a substitute. For instance, the lack of calcium may make your body turn to lead which can find its way into the bones interfering with the production of red blood cells. It can cause the bones to weaken and contribute to health problems such as osteoporosis.

Enjoy home cooked meals instead of dining out from restaurants. You should choose natural foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables from the garden. Limit your intake of sugar and pick raw milk in place of pasteurized dairy products.

Take foods rich in antioxidants including vitamin C and E. Some of the foods in this category include peaches, apricots, carrots, and sweet potatoes. Take kales and beans to get zinc. Get meat from grass-fed cattle. Increase your intake of fermented food and healthy fats such as coconut oil. Fish can be a source of heavy metal since some contain high amounts of mercury; therefore, you should learn about the mercury levels in it before your purchase.

Replace your kitchenware

Aluminum and non-stick cookware can expose you to heavy metals. Stainless steel is also not safe due to the carcinogen. Therefore, replace such kitchenware with titanium, cast iron, glass or even enamel.

Be careful with cosmetics

Some products such as cosmetics also contain heavy metal. Always check the labels of all your products to ensure that you don’t expose yourself to some harmful metals. Be keen on elements such as aluminum in cosmetics and bismuth in beauty powders. A study reports that aluminum in cosmetics increases the risks of getting Alzheimer’s.

Avoid smoking

Smoking is unhealthy since it can cause cadmium poisoning and other health complications. Stay away from passive smokers too.

Final thoughts

Heavy metal toxicity is a global problem that affects even unborn babies. We should, therefore, take it seriously and do everything possible to fight it. Use the measures above to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from heavy metal poisoning.

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