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Who’s Wearing Guerlain?

This is going to be a short testament on how true Guerlain Meteorites give that natural “glowing” look. I wouldnt have sold my tubs and pan (I have the balls and the compact type, sold all of them) if not for that nauseating smell that I couldnt handle, like a grandma’s perfume turned floral mixed with cough syrup smell. *yuck*.
I wouldnt buy again since it’s quite expensive too and Im on the look out for a cheaper alternative, sans the smell.

I used it on special occasions or when I feel my skin looks dull and sickly.

Here’s a sorta proof that it does work, and the glow lasted the whole day without retouching.

Damage: 2995php (I think) but got mine on a luxasia sale for 1400php something


  • ~tHiAmErE~

    i totally agree that guerlain gives off a wonderful & glowing finish.

    i used to hate the scent too..
    it's a lavender-grandma type of smell, but i forced myself to get used to it (that doesn't mean i like it though)!

    i only use it on special occasions especially when i want to look great…

    i have all 3. i bought the mini les meteorites version that i got straight from us. It lasts a long time!

  • ~tHiAmErE~

    i haven't found anything yet..
    The Face Shop's pearl powders are too shimmery to be used a finishing powder.

    I know that there are some korean brands that got meteorites dupe like the Skinfood gold caviar powder ball..though i haven't seen it on any SF store here in the Phil, yet…

    Missha too have powder balls.

    I read it on Kimoko's blog:
    missha mineral ball powder
    skinfood gold caviar

    hope you don't mind if i link her blog here

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