10 Tips to Prepare Your Skin for Winter

Winter is coming in full force with cold temperatures, dry air, and harsh winds. While the snow might make for a winter wonderland, it is no picnic for your skin. Winter conditions tend to drain skin of natural oils and leave it stressed and dried. 


This is accompanied by changes in your routine, stress around winter holidays, and potentially eating more fat and sugar around the holidays. All of this can make your skin breakout or experience tightness and dullness. 


Not all is lost though! With the right steps and adjustments to your daily skin scare routine, you can combat woeful winter skin. Here’s ten tips to help you prepare.


1) Change the Routine 


There is a good chance your summer skin care routine is not going to do the trick in the winter. Your skin will most likely need moisture more frequently to avoid drying out. If you normally use a lotion, you might need to switch to a cream in order to stay hydrated. 


2) Choose Cleanser with Care 


Some cleansers can strip your skin of natural oils and dry it out, which is not needed in winter. This can actually lead to more wrinkles and visible lines over time. It is essential to carefully choose a cleanser in the winter that will not dry your skin out. A cleanser with natural ingredients like Okana’s Natural Mango and Apricot Cleanser is a great example of a gentle yet hydrating cleanser. Check it out at


3) Exfoliate 


Exfoliation revitalizes skin during winter months to bring back that summer glow. We recommend exfoliation at least twice a week in the harsh winter months. 


4) Protection Still Matters 


An overcast and gloomy winter might make it feel like there are no sun rays at play. This is incorrect because harmful UV rays still exist on even the cloudiest of winter days. You should still protect your skin with sunscreen in wintertime. Always opt for one that contains zinc oxide for maximum protection. 


5) Shorter Showers 


This one might seem a little odd, but shorter showers keep your skin keep from drying out. Long, hot showers or baths might feel relaxing, but they ultimately drain your skin of natural oils. Instead, take a hot shower once or twice a week and take lukewarm showers on the other days. Always use moisturizer after drying off. 


6) Eat Well


Simple carbs and sugars will lead to more acne breakouts. This is exacerbated in winter conditions, so it is important to eat healthy and avoid these foods. Even if you just reduce your intake of carbs and sugars rather than eliminating them, it will still make a world of difference. 


7) Wear Gloves 


Your hands take the brunt of the cold conditions because you will constantly wash them to avoid germs or infections. This means your hands might dry out as a result of the washing and the cold. Use moisturizer regularly and wear gloves to help protect your hands from winter weather. 


8) Humidify  


A humidifier can help combat dry winter air. The winter cold sucks moisture from the air and ultimately from your skin as well. If you are in a dry winter conditions, a humidifier can help bring moisture back into the air. A great time to use it is in your bedroom at night. 


9) Refresh and Rejuvenate 


Take some time to practice self-care and give your skin some nutrients it might be missing. A nice serum or face mask can bring life back to your skin and combat the winter stress. 


10) Sugar Scrub 


Chapped lips are the hallmark of living in a winter wonderland. It is important to get rid of flaky, dry skin and this can be done with a nice sugar scrub. You can even make it at home!


You need:

  • Sugar
  • Coconut
  • Jojoba
  • Sunflower oil


Mix all of these ingredients together, and rub the scrub one your lips once a day. Honey can be added for healing and as a lip balm for extra nourishment. 

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