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Kidney Challenge Results – Body Pain And Back Pains

If you feel unexplained pain in your back, waist, flank, or lower abdomen, there may be some problems with the kidneys. I will show you what kind of signs the pain is from the kidney and what kinds of diseases can be considered concretely.

That Pain, Kidney May Be The Cause

Somehow the back of my stomach hurts, the flanks and back hurts. I do not think that the kidneys are bad without feeling so? The truth is that the kidneys have left and right sides slightly above the waist, but they think that they are on the stomach side like other stomach organs. That pain does not connect with the kidneys; mistook for just back pain, it seems that there are many cases that it is often so.

It is rare that the kidneys themselves are producing pain, and symptoms of pain often occur on their backs due to diseases related to the kidneys. As a result, you think that it is back pain.

As the kidney is a very dangerous organ, it does not feel pain as usual like stomach-ache, but when the symptoms such as swelling of the kidney itself occur for some reason, you may feel pain intensely.

Is the position of the kidney easier to understand, saying in the middle between the flank and the back, the back side under the diaphragm? I think there are times when you hit your back and when your back hurts, but it is just around that time.

The kidney is surrounded by a membrane called a kidney capsule. When the kidneys are swollen by some sort of disease, the kidney capsule is pressed from the inside to the outside; pain is stretched as the membrane is stretched. Let’s take a closer look at what kind of sickness can be cited.

Examples Of Diseases In Which The Kidneys Develop Pain

° Ureter Stones

A stone (stone) can be formed in the route where urine is carried from the kidney, and the patient tends to have more men than middle age.

If you can make a stone, it blocks the ureter and the renal pelvis, so urine accumulates in the kidneys at the upstream part of the urinary tract, the ureter at the kidney side, and the renal pelvis. As a result, the internal pressure of the renal pelvis rises, the kidneys are stretched, the kidney capsule is lengthened, and pain develops.

The part that feels pain is around the back, flank, waist, lower abdomen, and I feel a very strong pain when it is stretched suddenly. In addition to pain, signs such as hematuria, nausea, vomiting, sweating may appear. The causes of ureteral stones are as follows:

High concentration of calcium in the blood increase in oxalic acid, uric acid due to overdose of animal protein

Example 2 Of A Disease In Which The Kidney Develops Pain

° Ureteral Stenosis

The urethral stricture is the state where the urethra is narrowed. The narrowing of the urethra makes it difficult for urine to become difficult, and it takes time to get out of it, causing urination troubles such as urination. Early detection and treatment are important diseases because it becomes impossible to urinate on your own when the symptoms become severe. The patient is mainly male; there is a congenital thing and an acquired one.

Congenital Urethral Stricture – It is believed that the opening of the genitourinary membrane is left behind by severe embryogenesis at seven weeks, the stenosis of the urethra disturbs the flow of urine, the possibility of developing cystitis and the like increases. Acquired urethral stricture.

Pelvic fractures and some bruises such as bruises cause scarring of the urethra, and in many cases, the ureter is narrowed due to the scar of the urethral tissue that occurred in the course of the wound healing. It takes time to urinate, remaining urination remains, and urination becomes difficult. Pain due to ureteral stricture is similar to ureteral stone; pain is caused by enlargement of kidney and kidney capsule.

Example Of A Disease In Which The Kidneys Develop Pain

° Kidney Nephritis

Pyelonephritis is inflammation and bacterial infection caused by infection of bacteria in one or both kidneys. The renal pelvis is the part where the urine in the kidney is stored, and inflammation has occurred to this renal pelvis. Women are more likely to be affected by because the urethral meatus is close to the anus.

Pyelonephritis is classified into two types, acute pyelitis, and chronic pyelitis. The contents of pain differ according to acute and chronic so that I will introduce it below. However, you can follow this link to find remedial to such occurrence.

Acute Pyelonephritis – Bacteria invade into the kidneys, and the kidneys are inflamed. Symptoms suddenly appear, symptoms settle in 3 to 5 days if treatment is done early. Pain occurs with inflammation of the kidneys, and when you hit around the kidneys on the back, it feels heavy pain.

Chronic Pyelonephritis

Chronic kidney inflammation is caused by other diseases. Symptoms such as cold and body fatigue, high fever, nausea, etc. may occur like a cold, but in addition to back pain, residual feeling which is also a symptom of cystitis, frequent urination, hematuria, cloudy urine, etc. sometimes happens.

Is That A Kidney? Pain In The Back May Be A Different Illness

I cited an example that my back is sore because of my kidney disease, but the cause of my back pain is a lot of possible non-kidney diseases. For example, stiff shoulders. Many people are experiencing the symptoms of tension, stiffness, pain, and pain on the neck and neck joints, shoulders, and back.

If you feel pain on the back side of the part of the epigastrium from under the navel and also the possibility of the pancreas. Pain in the back is also mentioned as a symptom of pain from pancreas and pancreatic cancer. In the case of severe pain that can not be stood especially, acute sudden flame is suspected.

Pains in the left shoulder on the back side, in particular, angina pectoris, when severe pain occurs in the middle part of the chest or back (between the shoulder blades) is acute aortic dissection and pain arising from life-threatening diseases.

Even with a slight pain, there is a case that big diseases are hidden, so let’s get medical examination at an early stage.

If you do not know which hospital you should go to, if you get a blood test or a urinalysis first in a general hospital with urology or kidney internal medicine, and you find that it is not caused by kidney disease, you will see other departments of clinics such as orthopedic surgery. I think it’s good.

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