12 Essential “Mom Purse” Essentials For On-the-Go Moms

Be prepared for anything with these mom purse packing essentials

Mom bags are like Mary Poppin’s magic bag. It seems they are never-ending, always having exactly what your kiddos need at any given time. 

Especially for moms who are always on the go, you don’t want to have to stop to buy things or take the time to go back home while you’re already out. That’s why stocking your mom purse full of essentials is the best way to make sure you are always well-prepared for any situation that arises. 

Here are some tips on how to pick out the best mom purse for you, how to organize it, and essentials you may consider carrying in your bag. 

What To Look For In A Mom Purse

Find the right mom purse for you with these tips

Now, the mom purse and the baby bag are two entirely different things. When your baby is young, you need to lug around plenty of diapers, extra clothes, feeding materials, and all of that other fun stuff. 

When your baby gets old enough and doesn’t need all of those items, you can graduate from the baby bag to the mom purse. But, of course, you will still need to be able to carry all of the essentials that you and your kids may need throughout the day when you’re on the go. 

Picking the perfect mom purse can be daunting. It needs to be big enough while not being too big and comfortable enough to carry while herding your kids. It’s a balancing act to find the perfect mom purse! However, you may want to look at the following factors when searching for the perfect mom purse:

  • Size
  • Pockets
  • Comfort
  • Style

As for size, again, you want to find a bag that is big enough to fit everything you AND your kids need. But, you don’t want the bag to be too big to carry around. First, consider all of what you need to pack into your bag to get a better idea of how big you need your bag to be. Younger kids will definitely require much more packing, while older kids will probably need much less. 

The perfect mom purse should have lots of pockets. The more pockets, the better you can organize. It’s best to find some with zipper pockets so that you can protect some more valuable mom purse items. 

Comfort is a huge factor when it comes to the mom purse. This ultimately depends on you and your preferences, but think about how you may want to carry your purse to guide your decision-making to find the right type of purse. You may want a backpack purse to carry all of your items on your back while keeping both of your hands-free. On the other hand, a messenger back with a long strap can be used as a cross-body bag or you may switch it up to carry on your shoulder. Most commonly, moms tend to gravitate toward a tote bag because of how large they normally are and how easily they can be carried on your shoulder. No matter how you like to carry your purse, make sure that you pick one that will give you the most comfortable experience. 

Style may not be at the top of your list when looking for a mom purse, but it’s not something you need to completely sacrifice. With so many bag options, you can absolutely find a bag that balances function and style. Think about the versatility of the bag, too. If you plan to use this as your go-to purse for basically everything, make sure it is versatile enough to go from a day out with the kids to work to a night out. 

How To Organize Your Mom Purse

A few organizational products can go a long way when organizing your mom purse

With a big purse and a busy lifestyle, it’s easy to let your purse get a little messy. But with a little bit of organization, you will be able to find things quicker to ease impatient kids. There are also some steps you can take to give yourself a clear understanding of what you have in your purse so you don’t overpack and always know when it’s time to replace something. 

Purse organizational products are a complete game changer. While you can of course get your purse organized without these tools, these products can make things just a bit easier. Here are some go-to’s you may consider for your mom purse:

  • Tote organizer – A tote insert organizer is a good option for a tote bag without a lot of pockets. You can take things a step further to get multiple tote organizers and prepare them ahead of time with the items you need for different events and outings. Then, you can easily switch out the organizer and have everything nicely organized before you leave. 
  • Clear inserts – This is a great option if you tend to switch bags often. Because the inserts are clear and transparent, it’s super easy to see what’s inside so you can be sure you have everything packed and easily find things when you need them. 
  • Tech organizer – These can protect your high-value tech items and make them easy to grab when you need them. 
  • Multi-color inserts – With multi-color inserts, you can use different colors to associate what’s in each insert.

No matter what type of organizer would suit your lifestyle and needs better, these are all great options to have in your mom purse. 

12 Essentials To Carry In Your Mom Purse

With these 12 mom purse essentials, you can be sure you are always prepared for whatever comes your way

When you’ve found the right mom purse for you, it’s time to decide what you need to pack in it so that you are always prepared for whatever comes your way. While the bulk of what you pack will definitely depend on you and your kids, here are some mom purse essentials that you may consider carrying with you. 

1. First Aid Kit

Let’s face it. Accidents are always bound to happen. From scrapes from falls, blisters from walking around, cuts, and headaches—you name it—a first aid kit will always come in handy. It’s really one of the most essential items you should carry in your purse. 

You can find many small travel first aid kits online with the essentials, like bandaids and first aid ointment. You may also go the extra mile to make your own first aid kit if you don’t find one that includes all of the things you think you need. Either way, it’s best to keep a well-stocked first-aid kit in your mom purse. 

2. Snacks and Water

Especially for long days out of the house, packing a few snacks as a backup for when your kids NEED a snack is crucial. You may look to pack things like granola bars, trail mix, or other snacks that will keep well in your purse for when you or your kids need that extra pick-me-up. 

Water is a big one too. Keep your kids well stocked on their water before you leave the house, and be sure to bring a filled-up reusable water bottle in case you run out of water while you are out and about. 

3. Wet Wipes

Wet wipes are a go-to for any mom purse, no matter how old your kids are. Especially when they are young, you can use these to wipe down sticky fingers or clean up scrapes. Even as your kids get a bit older and maybe aren’t the messiest eaters anymore, wet wipes will always come in handy in your mom purse. 

4. Portable Charger

As you’re running around, the last thing you want is a dead phone battery. Of course, from a safety perspective, you never want to be stranded without a cell phone in case you need to make a call. Plus, we all know phones can give our kids a little bit of entertainment during long days. Because of that, our batteries are always drained. Keep a portable charger in your purse so you always know you can charge your battery, no matter where you are. 

5. Pain Relief Cream

This one is often overlooked but is a swear-by mom purse essential. When you feel a bit of pain when you’re out, you don’t want to let it hold you back from what you need to do. Maybe you have a fun day planned with the kids away from home or just simply have a long day where you can’t make it back to your house. That’s why a topical pain relief cream is a great addition to any mom purse. 

When you feel your pain start, you will probably start by taking an OTC pain reliever, like ibuprofen. While that’s a great way to start feeling some relief, you may not have the time to wait for it to start to kick in. With a topical pain relief cream, you can apply it right on the source of your pain and start to feel relief almost instantly. As the topical absorbs into your bloodstream, you will feel some numbness and tingling, which helps reduce any inflammation you may be feeling. For the times you need quick pain relief, you won’t want to be caught without this. 

6. Extra Clothes

While in a baby bag, you will probably pack a few pairs of extra clothes, you may overlook extra clothes in your mom purse. If your kids are still a bit younger, though, it’s not a bad idea to have an extra set of clothes packed. Or at the very least, keep some extra pairs of underwear packed just in case. As your kids get older, you may opt to keep extra clothes in the car as your kids don’t need them as often. 

7. Notebook and Pens

There may be times when you’re out when you need to write something down. Of course, you can always use your notes app to jot down what you need to know, but it’s always a nice idea to carry at least one notebook and pen around in your purse just in case you need to use it for whatever reason. 

8. Small Makeup Bag

Now, your makeup may be the last thing on your priority list when it comes to packing your mom purse, but packing a makeup bag can really save you in a pinch. In your makeup bag, you may want to pack the following:

  • Hair ties – Keeping a few hair ties in your purse makes it easy to throw your hair up into a messy bun when you just can’t deal with your hair. 
  • Chapstick – This one goes without saying. You and your kids will always need some chapstick to deal with chapped lips at some point. 
  • Lotion – Take care of dry skin, even when you’re on the go!
  • Roll-on perfume – Roll-on perfume is small and easy to carry. When you need to freshen up, you will be so happy you packed this one. 
  • Blotting tissues – Blotting tissues are the perfect way to clean up your makeup on a hot, sweaty day. 
  • Extra makeup – Carrying a few of your essentials, like blush, powder, lipstick, and mascara can come in handy when you have a little extra time while you’re out to put on some makeup. 
  • Safety pins – Wardrobe malfunctions are no fun. Carry around a few safety pins in your makeup bag to make sure you always have a backup plan. 

9. Oral Care Products

We’ve all left the house and accidentally forgot to brush our teeth. It happens! Carrying a few disposable mini toothbrushes or even a small travel toothbrush and toothpaste can really save you when you’re in a pinch. It’s also a good idea to pack some gum to freshen up your breath after a meal. 

10. Physical Money

In a world where we almost always depend on our credit cards to pay for things, it’s easy to forget about carrying cash with you when you’re out. No matter if it’s a card malfunction or if a store can’t accept cards for whatever reason, don’t get caught without some change! 

11. Sunscreen

With young kids, the last thing you want is to deal with a bad sunburn. To be sure you are taking all of the precautions possible to protect not only your kids’ skin but also your skin, be sure to have a travel-sized bottle of sunscreen on hand for when you need some UV protection in a pinch. 

12. Sunglasses

Especially if you live in a place with unpredictable weather, you know one second the sky could be filled with clouds, and the next minute it’s completely sunny. Keeping an extra pair of sunglasses for you and your kids can help you make sure you protect your eyes from any harmful rays. 

While there is of course no way to always be prepared for every little thing that comes your way as a mother, taking the time to prepare ahead of time means you will be well-equipped to handle most of the things that come up while you’re on the go. 


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    Agree po. Ang bags ng mga mommies ay mukhang magic bag, kasi dala dala nila ang mga essentials lalo na if may baby or kids na kasama sa mga lakad. Thanks po sa list of essentials and tips how to organize these.

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