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3 Most Comfortable Colored Contact Lenses – With Photos and Review

Admit it, not only is it fun to wear colored contact lenses to change our look. Wearing colored contact lenses also enhance the eye makeup we are wearing. Imagine smokey eyes paired with  sapphire blue or elegant green! Or if you’re the type who wants their eyes to look larger, most circle lenses that are slightly larger in diameter
will do the trick.
As for the tita in me? I prefer to attain both comfort and style so after trying out numerous lenses in the market I’ve rounded up the top 3 most comfortable and natural looking contact lenses that can prettify our faces without overwhelming it.
freshkon brown

freshkon brown

#3 FreshKon Contact Lenses in Fresh Brown

Color – 3/5
Comfort – 4/5
Review – If you’re considering a comfortable circle lens
this is it. It has a black outer ring that makes eyes appear larger. Up-close
however (as in super zoomed in) it looks fake and too doll-like. It feels dry
by the 5th hour and I need eyedrops to ease the redness but not too
bad compared to other brands that has my eyes red at the 3rd hour
freshlook amethyst

freshlook amethyst

#2 Freshlook Colored Contact Lens in Amethyst (Violet)

Color – 5/5
Comfort – 4/5
Review – I’ve been purchasing a pair of Amethyst from
Freshlook since highschool. You can call me a Freshlook loyalist. I haven’t
found a brand that can compare with the quality and comfort their contact
lenses provide. I put it on the morning and it only feels dry after the 8th
hour. The amethyst color is stunning. It’s the most wearable shade of violet
that flatters all skintone. If only they produced Amethyst in their Airoptix
line it would score a perfect 10.

#1 Freshlook Airoptix Colored Contact Lens in Gray

Color – 4/5
Comfort – 5/5
Review – I admit. I purchased Gray because I wanted to try
the much raved Airoptix in Amethyst but that color is not available. It’s the
next best thing. Kudos to Freshlook for coming up with a new improved line that
promises comfort and indeed it delivered with flying colors! I put it on in the
morning and I forget I’m wearing lenses by the time I go to bed. Boyfie needs
to tell me “Hoy naka contact-lense ka pa” to remind me to take it off. Please
make AirOptix in Amethyst. It would be a dream come true!


  • Precious Joy Angeles

    Ang ganda naman ng amethyst na color. I admit na sa online ako bumubili ng contact lens kasi cheaper siya, I know it could be dangerous kasi hindi siya approved or sold by optalmologists. Im not using it everyday naman, kapag may occasion lang. My face color is brown and gray and most of my lenses are doll eyed (16mm). Bagay po sayo ang Amethyst Ms. kat

  • Steve

    It looks like you have a couple spelling errors on your website such as the word “aint”. Check out a service like to help. We’ve used it in the past and liked it.

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