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8 Must Have Gadgets for Bloggers (Old or New)

I will share with you the tech gadgets I’ve been dependent on for working on my
blog. These are my absolute must haves and will change according to upgrade but
generally speaking what we need are:

1.      Laptop / Computer
Internet Connection
Mobile Phones
Power Banks
Extra Battery
Selfie Sticks / Selfie Lights

I got this selfie light from
CDR-King for 100php. I remember the days back in highschool when CDR-King was
just a store to buy CD-roms. How time flies and how success came to them with
hard work.

Thanks to Crissey’s sales marketing skills, she was able to
influence me to buy my very own Fuji XA2 Camera. Well not necessarily buy, it
was a gift from Ryan right after my car crach accident yihee… Well it was worth
it. The camera captures images spectacularly and with great detail even when
under low lighting. I used to depend on my mobile phones for photos but boy was
I wrong. A good camera is indeed necessary for blogging and reviewing!
My main bae. My Samsung Galaxy Note 5 that I got last year.
I lose an average of 2 phones / year because of clumsiness and bad luck with
phones. I swore to make this phone last me till my next phone replacement under
my Sun Cellular mobile plan. This one is dual sim, large screen, long lasting
battery, and has a pretty good camera that can go head to head with digicams.
I’m an android lover forever.  Why? It’s
not selfish.  It has Bluetooth, wifi and
lets you share files with anyone. It also has a wide range of free applications
from straight business to open source codes. I have 2 simcards in here, my
Smart # and Globe #
A backup phone is necessary. In case of emergencies and
power scarcity. I got this at Lenovo for 2,499 and it works so well in acting
as my internet hotspot for my Sun Plan when Globe and Smart connections are
scarce. I also use this as a distraction for my son Geof so he won’t use my
main cellphone LOL. It has a long lasting battery, the screen and camera is
below average but who cares? That’s not my purpose for this phone LOL.

A laptop. My Lenovo G2480 laptop that I reviewed last year.
It’s tough, lasts me a good 6 hours even without charging, it has a HUGE
storage of 1TB (big enough for me) and it’s surprisingly light that I can tote
it around when I have to.
My Sanyo 10,000MHZ powerbank. When it comes to powerbank
don’t scrimp your money buying unbranded generic ones because they really wont
charge as they claim. The best powerbanks are those made in Japan. I bought
this in Electroworld for 2,499php and it’s worth every penny. It’s been with me
for almost one year. It charges fast and it really has 10,000MHZ. It can do 2
full charges on my Samsung Galaxy Note 5.
Oh and last but not the least I bought the Wasabi Power
charging kit with extra batteries for my Fujifilm XA2 Camera. It sucks to have
to charge every time so having 3 extra batteries and a fast charge is super

There you have it! My must-haves for blogging. For my
blogger/readers I’m curious what do you also use? Please do share! ^_^

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