3 Reasons to Move in the Summer

People move at all times of year. Who can say when the right conditions will hit for you to find your next dream house and move your stuff into it?

Even so, there are also times of the year when it’s just more opportune to be moving heavy things out of one house and into another. We’re pretty sure everyone can agree that winter is pretty awful for moving. With the freezing air, the frozen limbs, and the potential for crummy road conditions, moving is just plain unpleasant in winter.

Move in the summer, meanwhile, and you’re pretty much set as far as environmental conditions. Even if you’re moving somewhere that’s known for its winter activities–if you’ve picked up some real estate for sale in Whistler, for example–you should still move there in the summer. Don’t worry: all the skiing you could want will still be there for you in Whistler come wintertime.

But for now, what are some of the best reasons to move house during the summer? Here are three of them.

The Weather

The weather in summer is just a given if we’re discussing reasons to move in this season. The summer obviously brings with it no threat of cold or snow, so transportation will never be a problem.

As spring becomes summer, you also have less of a probability of rain, so you won’t have to worry about your precious property getting ruined by falling water. It’s pretty much all sunshine and warmth, so if it’s summertime where you are, get moving!

More Real Estate Is Available

The summertime is a great time for moving also because of the amount of real estate you can find on the market. People are feeling pretty good about having made it through yet another winter and into the warmer, lighter months, so they tend to spend more time looking at houses after work and on weekends.

This is why many sellers work to get their houses on the market by summer: because they know the buyers will be there. If you know a move is coming for you and your family, just wait until summer, and then you’ll start to see the range of houses crop up in your area. When you find one, spring for it!

Kids Have More Freedom

A final reason to move houses in summer is because kids are out of school for the season. If you do find a house and need to move, there’s no risk of uprooting your kids’ school schedules or disrupting their lives when they have studies to worry about.

Think of how distracted your kids could become if you made them shift houses in January, when there is still so much school to go. By moving in the summer, you make it convenient for your kids to adjust to the change.

Overall, there’s just no comparison: summer is the best season to move, so the next time you have to do it, do yourself a favor and wait for the warmth.

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