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3 Step Simple and Easy Eyebrow Gradient Makeup Tutorial (with VIDEO)

Ah, the rare occassion when I post “makeup tutorials”. Why did I enclose it in quotation marks? Because like you, I’m just a girl who wants their eyebrows fleek, on-point, full, lush, and whatever term we use. If the eyes are the windows to our soul, eyebrows are the curtains. Does that even make any sense? HAHAHAHA. Are you excited as I am? My 3 Step Simple and Easy Eyebrow Gradient Makeup Tutorial! Let’s begin!


What You’ll Be Needing

  • Groomed Eyebrows. I have mine groomed at Bare Skin Waxing Studio (more than just a waxing salon, their technicians are brow experts too!)
  • Eyebrow brush or a stiff liner brush. I bought mine from Suesh.
  • Eyebrow Powder/ Eyebrow Makeup. My favorite is from In2It but you can use any brand you prefer.

YouTube Video Tutorial Vlog


Please please please subscribe to my new channel! It may not be all fancy and decorated but it’s 100% fun!






Use the darkest shade on the outer most part, the medium brown shade to fill in and shape the brows, the lightest brown shade on the inner most part (near the nose bridge) so the effect will be soft and natural.









The goal here is to leave no harsh edges. Blend blend blend. My favorite tool for blending? My middle finger. Our fingers have no edges so when we use it to apply makeup it’s naturally soft focused already.





Brows on point. Brows on fleek. Brows on whatever you call it!


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