4 Things to Consider Before Plastic Surgery

People wanting to improve their appearance through surgery is a trend that’s been around for years and it’s only getting bigger. For instance, in the US, there is a very popular procedure that is on a steady rise over the last several years for women who have given birth. It is called a “mommy makeover” and it’s essentially a series of procedures that includes a tummy tuck, a breast lift, breast augmentation, as well as liposuction.

Since plastic surgery is a major procedure, there are some things you should keep in mind if you are a potential patient. Below, we share a checklist of things to consider for those who are thinking about going through any procedure.

Check Your Surgeon’s Qualifications

First, you must always check your surgeon’s qualifications. Today, there’s an increasing number of obstetrician-gynecologists, internal medicine doctors, and even cardiologists who are performing plastic surgery procedures, which can be very confusing for those who want to find the right surgeon for their needs. For this reason, before “going under the knife,” make sure to obtain information about different doctors and clinics, and check whether your surgeon is board-certified in plastic surgery, or in the procedure you want.  You should try to find someone who has had at least six years of surgical training and has passed rigorous oral and written examinations. 

Many doctors and clinics compete in this medical field, and depending on the type of surgery you want, it is important to find those who are leaders in this surgical specialty. Often, the doctors are good at different operations. Some are experts at breast procedures while others are much better at nasal surgery. Simply put, do some digging and find out which clinics and doctors are experts in the particular procedure you’re interested in.

For instance, if you live in Toronto, CA, you can do your research online and search for qualified Toronto plastic surgery professionals. Unfortunately, there are some doctors and clinics on the market that aren’t serious and it’s in your best interest to avoid them. You must find out as much as possible about the different clinics and doctors. It is also a very good idea and quite beneficial to read reviews about different clinics to get a better picture of whom it is you’re turning to.

Your Overall Health

Once you make your appointment, there are certain things you should know about. Know that there might be certain situations when a doctor might say no to a procedure or ask you to comply with certain guidelines so that they ensure a high level of patient safety. A healthy lifestyle is one of the general adjustments you’ll be required to make to achieve good surgical results.

Before your consultation at the doctor’s office, you must fill in a health declaration, which is the basis for the assessment of your health. Writing down all relevant information, in as much detail as possible, is also of the utmost importance. For example, if the information is missing about medication or previous illnesses, or if incorrect information is given, this can entail serious risks during and after your surgery. If you’re not sure what piece of information is important to remember, bring this up for discussion during your consultation with your surgeon.

Your Mindset

A successful plastic surgery experience requires a positive mindset. Although it may enhance your quality of life, it’s still a complex procedure. And as with any other surgical procedure, you must carefully consider the pros and cons before going through with it. 

There are risks involved in surgery, recovery can take time, and there may be multiple procedures. Although it will enhance your appearance and boost your level of confidence, plastic surgery will not make you a better person or solve any problems in your life. So, before undergoing your procedure, make sure to do your homework and have realistic expectations. Having this type of reconstruction is a personal choice and no matter what anyone else thinks, you’re the one who must feel comfortable with your decision.

Your Healing Process

The amount of time you’ll need for recovery will vary depending on your specific procedure, so make sure to learn about the post-op instructions as it helps ensure a smoother recovery and better results.

Hearing more about your healing process is essential. This information can sometimes be forgotten and cause a shock when patients wake up after surgery feeling nauseous and dizzy. By finding out how your recovery period will feel and look like, you can help practice calmness and know that everything is as it should be.

Final Thoughts

Plastic surgery can help improve your appearance, but preparing yourself and knowing what to expect beforehand will bring you comfort and peace of mind. Find a reliable plastic surgeon, gather information about how to prepare your body, ask about possible risks, and make sure you’re confident about the decision to pursue surgery.

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