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Quick Review: Nivea Extra Whitening Cell Repair Body Milk

Guess who’s holding the lotion?

 Kikays and gentlemen, I know how much you can relate when you love a certain brand and stray for a while to try something new, then go back to the same brand you love when you don’t get what you’re really looking for. Now with straying and experimenting, this is best done with products and not with relationships! Stay loyal my dearest readers! Karma can be quite a b…..

NIVEA. A brand even my grandpa trusts as he keeps a tub of their blue cream in his “Gentleman’s kikaykit” at home. He uses it on burns, rashes, dryness, face cream. You name it. I thank my lolo and my mom for introducing me to this brand. As much as I would be glad to tell you this was sent as a gift, I bought this with my own hard-earned cash. I ran out of KB Whitening Lotion after emptying a tub and needed to re-stock my skincare loot. Purchased this at Mercury Drug for their Buy 1 Take 1 Promo.

Why do I Like Nivea Extra Whitening Cell Repair? It has a nice light berry scent and it’s easy to slather on your body after taking a shower! It’s so milky they did the right thing and named it Body Milk instead of Body Lotion. I can’t say much in terms of whitening effects because I’m taking too many things right now and it’s not powerful enough to give instantly visible results. It promises to give fairer skin in 14 days and I think it does, a bit. It also makes my legs look sheen shiny smooth.

Don’t you hate heavy lotions? This one is perfect. It’s light, airy, and milky. I’m giving this one 4 stars. Why 4 and not 5? I haven’t found the perfect one yet.

Will I repurchase? Yes.

Nivea Extra Whitening Cell Repair Ingredients

Nivea Extra Whitening Cell Repair Lotion Applied on Skin

KikaysiKat Rating 4/5 Stars

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