5 Common Bridal Makeup Mistakes To Avoid

On your wedding day, a bride’s makeup is crucially as important as other wedding details such as venue, food, church and photographs. When snapshots are taken, how you look like, will not only be stored in memory but also in pictures. You can look back 20 years from now and tell yourself “I look so beautiful that day!” or “What was I thinking?!“. A bride must look equally radiant yet natural. Makeup must enhance the bride’s beauty and not alter it. Agree?

Planning your wedding soon or doing someone’s makeup? Here are 5 common bridal makeup mistakes to avoid.

#5 Retouch Retouch Retouch

A wedding typically last the whole day, from preparation up until the end of the reception. So do consider packing up a retouch kit or ask your makeup artist to retouch your makeup every few so hours. This should include mini sizes of all the makeup you used from the beginning.

#4 Having Uniform Makeup and Hairstyle as with Your Bridesmaids

Take note. Your makeup should stand out from the rest, without looking extreme. Make sure your bridesmaids do not have a similar makeup style as you do. You can keep your bridesmaid sport a neutral makeup while have you stand out with something more rosy/pink vs browns. or vice-versa.

#3 Neglecting Your Body

This is a must especially if your wedding gown will bare your shoulders or arms. Make sure you also wear waterproof/smudge proof makeup on your arms and neck even if only foundation. Or else risk looking like a ghost with your face uneven with your body.

#2 Not Looking Like Yourself

There’s a HUGE difference between looking like a celebrity on your wedding day than looking like your better version of yourself. While it might sound cool to look like Kim K or Beyonce on your wedding day, stay true and just enhance your natural features please! Your future husband might get the shock of his life if he sees you looking like someone else.

#1 Not Booking a Makeup Trial from a Professional

You wouldn’t book someone without looking at his/her portfolio would you? This is a crucial step to make sure you look exactly what you want on your wedding day. Do this a couple of weeks ahead. Take snapshots of the finished product and suggest enhancements to your hired makeup artist if you like. 

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