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My Quick Trip to Singapore

Where have you been K?! Haha, I’m not even sure if my readers noticed that I’m gone :p If you’ve been following this blog, it’s been almost a week since I last posted. Took a quick vacation and visited my hubby in Singapore, had loads of fun and lots of yummy food!
It’s a lovely place.
More pictures after the jump!

I took the cheapest airfare available from Cebu Pacific. For those looking for affordable flights to Singapore, you should wait for those airline promos they have so make sure you visit their websites daily. I highly recommend Tiger Airways and also AirPhilExpress for the cheapest flights that can go as low as 0$ for Tiger and 1888 for AirPhilExpress

Did you know it was my first time to go outside of the country? Haha!! That’s why I was so excited that day, that first day I rode an airplane *waaa so childish*

A weekend is really not enough to explore the place. I literally drooled when I saw a SEPHORA section in a mall. I was like a kid in a candy store!!!!!!!!!!!! I ran around like crazy! But got too shy to take pictures inside :p so sorry guys maybe next time.

First time to see a pink train! So cute I love pink!



Penguins from Madagascar




Our only “significant” spot was to visit Universal Studios Singapore. To be honest, it was nicely built, the rides were average, but what made me happy was my husband and I were like young lovers again haha! On a boyfriend-girlfriend courtship stage where we went on different dates, ate a lot, HHWW (holding hands while walking)and other cheesy love stuff. <3 <3 <3


A “rollercoaster” hehe

Oh, and almost everywhere, there are FILIPINOS! 🙂 Hearing tagalog out of nowhere is really pleasant and makes me feel happy. It’s makes you feel homey and warm. I have mixed feelings that most filipinos are now spread-out all over the world working. It’s nice that theyre earning better there, but it’s sad that they have to leave the country just to earn better. 🙁

I just sorta finished updating my blog, whew, it wasnt an easy task because of the ff

1. Internet is blocked from the office so I cant work on blogging while working (i love to multitask)
2. I arrive late at night and have to tend to my loving baby boy and wait for him to go to bed before I do my bath chores and facials hehe.
3. Last thing to do before to end the day is my teensy weensy time to blog, since I have to wake up early for work.

It’s not yet 100% done since I have to create most of the new pages and linkage. I’m a sorta computer geek by day *wink wink*

More posts to follow!!! Will try sooo hard to update and post regularly!!

I missed you guys so much!! *BEAR HUG*


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