5 Easy Ways To Inject Your Personality Into A Room

Your home is more than just a place to sleep at night; it’s where you go to feel comfortable and yourself. Therefore, your personality must be reflected within your home, whether you live alone or in a shared house. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and are unsure how to go about this, we’re here to help. In this article, we’ll look at easy ways to inject personality into any room, so you’ll soon have a comfortable place you call home.


Choosing a color palette that fills you with contentment and joy is a good starting point in personalizing a room. If you live with others, probably painting the whole place isn’t an option, but you can decorate your room to your tastes. Adding color needn’t stop at the walls; choose soft furnishings that reflect you, with bright curtains, cushions, and bedding. Removeable furnishings such as cushions and throws can go in shared spaces without being seen to take over.


Furniture says a lot about a person, so think carefully about your chosen pieces. If you’re on a tight budget, second-hand shops are terrific places to look for retro bargains and are a more sustainable alternative to cheap, fast furniture stores. Furniture is also a great way to create a statement while being functional. Add a bright orange couch to your living room for a dramatic pop of color.

Custom Items

Custom-made furniture is fantastic for various things; not least, you get the perfect piece for you. If you have an idea in mind and can’t find anything on the market that fulfills the edit, work with someone who can make it for you. It may be a made-to-measure bookshelf to fit an awkward space, or maybe you want a statement coffee table to complement an offbeat décor. One thing’s for sure, your custom piece of furniture will be as unique as you.


Humans have been making art for millennia, and it remains as relevant as ever. Whether you choose to make your own pieces, display art made by family or friends, or buy in art pieces, you can add items that tell the world who you are to any space. Pictures are a perfect addition to any wall space, while sculptural pieces make stunning displays.  


Changing up fixtures around the home makes subtle yet effective statements about who lives there. Replace taps and faucets for antique ones you’ve found at a yard sale, or go for sleek modern ones. Replace uninteresting hooks with quirky ones that make you smile whenever you hang your coat up. You can even switch out drawer handles for new ones, to say these drawers belong to me and no one else.

As you can see, there are many ways to put your stamp on your home décor, whether you have one room or a whole house to decorate. By cleverly using fixtures, color, and furniture, your home will be a comfortable, happy space. 

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