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5 Habits and Lifestyle Changes to Keep You Looking Young Well in Your 30s

Life seems so carefree and easy until you hit your late 20s and early 30s. Not everyone has a body that will be automatically healthy for their entire life. Most of us have to work hard at keeping a healthy body and mind. 

Of course, there are now “cheats” like plastic surgery, gastric bypass surgery, and Botox for cosmetic reasons to help someone look and feel young and healthy. 

Here are 5 lifestyle changes and healthy habits to help you look young well into your 30s:

  1. Start Health Screening

Many individuals believe that since they are “only 30” they do not need to begin any type of health screening. But now is the perfect time to start a yearly health screening. Ask your general practitioner if you should screen for such illnesses as high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease. 

If you have a family history of certain diseases or illnesses, it is paramount to begin early screening. However, anyone can develop health issues that do are not hereditary. 

  1. Get Your Rest

Most of the people in their early 30s are a few years into their careers. They may also have a growing family, and a number of activities that keep them busy each weeknight and all weekend. So advising a busy person to get plenty of rest may sound like an impossible task. 

Getting plenty of rest will not only help a person in their 30s but help with their future health. Being able to take a break and rest, or take a short nap, is a learned behavior. It is going to be more important as you age than you may think. Starting with more rest now will only help the future you. 

  1. Eat Healthily

You may have been able to eat everything and anything when you were a teen and even in your 20s. But now is the time to change your eating habits for the better. Eating less red meat, or switching to an entirely plant-based diet is going to be the healthiest thing you can do for your body and your future.

  1. Exercise

Not everyone is motivated to exercise on a daily basis. The trick is to find an exercise program you like to do and then do that. You can also switch it up a bit with two or three different types of workout routines.

Try boxing and then walking, start with yoga a few days a week and then add cycling. The combinations are endless to add workouts to help you get healthy and not become bored.

  1. Find Peace

Do not forget your mental health. Do not hold in anger or let things go between you and someone you care about. Talk openly and honestly to help preserve your mental health. Do not be afraid to seek professional help if you feel overwhelmed with the responsibilities of being an adult. You may just need someone to talk to who is a person in your life that can provide helpful alternatives to a situation. Or you could need medication. There is no shame in getting help for anything you are struggling with.  


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