5 Tips on How to Travel During Your Period

It’s unfortunate that for someone like myself, it always happens that whenever I have a long vacation scheduled It’s also the time where my first days of period comes in. Ugh, my fault, I should always check my period calendar. But, I have learned my lesson and now I’m sharing you the tips that I, myself will follow next time. I won’t let period stop me from adventures and travel no!

#1 Always Know Your Period Schedule

Unless you want any nasty surprises, make sure you track your monthly menstrual schedule so you can avoid surprise mishaps. There are a lot of good mobile applications out there and it doesn’t hurt to download. I use My Period Calendar and it’s pretty accurate and gets the schedule a day or two accurately. If you’re not a regular, always have a pad or two in your bag! Make sure it’s the one for heavy flow because it’s the first 2 days that expels 70% of our fluids.

#2 Always Bring Enough Pads

This should be a given. Speaking of always having a pad in your bag, always bring more than the usual . I experience this that whenever I travel my period seems heavier than usual. It’s probably because of the sudden change of weather or trying out exotic dishes. Not only that, being in a different country, you’ll end up wearing napkins that may be uncomfortable to wear so having a pad you trust can make you feel secure. I only trust Modess because they make the pads really comfortable and cloth like.

#3 Have Pain Killers on Hand

Travel = Activities. You can’t do this when you’re cramped up in your bedroom, lying in fetal position because your menstrual cramps. It’s safe to take pain killers once in a while. Bring them on hand because sometimes it is not so easy buying medications from other countries.

#4 Wipes are your best friends

Well, even if you’re not travelling to far away lands, a napkin + wipes go hand in hand in good hygeine. A clean toilet is RARE so having these babies packed makes you feel somewhat safer wherever you go. 

#5 Invest in LONGER and MORE Absorbent Sanitary Napkins

Last but not the least, make sure to include longer, wider, and more absorbent sanitary pads. This is actually the most essential and important travel tip I can give you.  You’ll be confident that it will absorb heavy flow when you sleep in a hotel with lush white sheets, fly long haul flights, or hike a tall mountain.

My Personal Experience

I experienced this when I climbed Mt. Pulag OMG no enclosures, pee anywhere, and I had my day 1 period too! I had stomach cramps (I didn’t bring pain relievers) and had super heavy flow. Sobrang hassle especially hiking a mountain where there are NO toilets. I wished I wore Modess All Nights that time because oh boy the flow was heavy… I kept asking my friend to check my behind and see if I have stains. Not to mention the discomfort too! I learned my lesson and now wear Modess All Night during heavy flow days because it keeps me dry and more comfortable than my regular pad.
There you go folks! I wish you a safe, happy, and stain-free travel!

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