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Bellamonster Crayon Color Blender Set Review


Make Your Own Lipstick Kit – Crayon Color Blender from Althea Korea

A kit that makes you create your own lipstick color? When I was younger, I always wondered what would it be like to make and wear any lip color you’d like simply by mixing shades. Well, it is possible if you have specific shades in the color spectrum. But what if, there’s a kit that contains everything you need to create any shade of lip color you want? Magic!


How to Use

In the blender kit, you have 3 blender shades and 3 pigment shades. You simply mix and match these colors to customize your own.

Blender Color

  • #01 Black Blender
  • #02 White Blender
  • #03 Lilac Blender

Pigment Color

  • #10 Pigment Red
  • #20 Pigment Orange
  • #30 Pigment Pink

2016-11-07 10.36.03 3

If you’re having trouble coming up or thinking of what color to create, they included a “Color Blending Recipe” and “Color Crayon Chart” to help you along the way. The lipsticks are smooth and has a creamy texture. It is not matte, more of glossy and moisturizing. The consistency makes it easier to blend together. The con-side is, it also makes it easier to fade as it lasted 3 hours tops on my lips.

2016-10-13 12.54.29 1

Overall, it’s a fun kit to own despite the downside of its longevity.

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