5 Top Tips to Keep Pests Out of the House During Winter

Hey there. Is it near winter where you’re from? Snow, cold air, and hot cocoa. It’s probably nice to think about all the fun and amazing activities you get to do in the chilly season. You might think all the annoying and gross pests that’s bugging you all Summer or Spring would finally be gone. Nope. 

In fact, without proper preparation, insects like spiders or pests like rats would find their way into your homes to wreak havoc. 

As temperatures drop, humans are not the only ones getting ready for the cold weather. There’s a long list of pests looking for a warm and comfortable place to stay, just like your house, and you wouldn’t want that.

That’s why in today’s feature, I’ll be sharing with you some effective ways to keep those nasty pests off your homes during winter! (especially if you’re from Tacoma where it can get really cold)

Common pests you can find in your homes

  1. Ants
  2. Bats
  3. Bed Bugs
  4. Black Widow Spiders
  5. Cellar Spiders
  6. Centipedes
  7. Brownbanded Cockroaches
  8. Carpenter Ants
  9. Cluster Flies
  10. Deer Mice
  11. Drain Flies
  12. Earwigs
  13. Fungus Gnats
  14. House Mice
  15. Springtails
  16. Silverfish

5 Top Tips to Keep Pests Out of the House During Winter

#1 Fill in the Gaps

Insects are so tiny they can easily creep into any small holes or cracks in your home. This is why it’s crucial you fill in every nook and cranny with cement or mortar to patch as needed.

If you find any damaged bricks, it’s better to replace them with new ones while filling in the joints. Replace any damaged section so f your cladding or sides. Find any rotting wood? That’s tempting for termites so better remove it ASAP. 

Caulking, or using a waterproof filler or sealant, is also an affordable way to fill in the gaps. Use it around your doors, frames, cracks, and windows that need to. Remember, if a pencil can fill in a gap or crack, it means insects such as springtails, silverfish, or even centipedes can get in – even small mice!

#2 Duck and Cover

If you have bare windows, closing them when not needed can make you feel breathless and out of the air, so there would be times you need them open. However, once you do, pesky bugs like spiders and cluster flies can easily sneak in.

Here’s what you can do instead: Install window screens. Any fine screen or a 20-mesh would do. That way, you can still get natural ventilation, but still, get pest protection too. Just make sure there are no spacey holes in your screen that can let those insects in. 

#3 Clear your Clutter

Having a cluttered room filled with random clothes, objects, toys, decorations, and storage boxes, is a celebration for rats! They like busking and hiding and even getting in those areas, planning to make their nests or a hiding place. 

Ask yourself, does this spark joy? Organized and clutter-free space means a clear room to see and an area where pests cannot loiter. You can try tips from Konmari if you need ideas on how to declutter your space. 

#4 Fix your Faucets

Moist, leaky kitchens with broken faucets can cause a lot of damage to your floor and cabinets. It can cause mold, and mildew, and attract gross pests like cockroaches. When winter time comes, these places would be their perfect resting spot as they love damp locations! 

Not just your kitchen, check any rooms like the attic or your basement for any leaks. Fix them right away to make sure everything is safe and dry. 

#5 Clean up your Yard

Don’t forget the yard! Your indoors might be sealed safe, but damp areas, wet leaves, and debris can also make a perfect breeding ground for pests. Why wait for them to multiply? Prevent it from happening! 

  • Cut up tall grass
  • Store firewood and trash at least 6 meters from your home
  • Sweep the leaves regularly since they can hold in liquid


These are just several tips and tricks you can do to prepare for winter to keep your home almost pest-free. Yep, almost. 

Does it seem like a lot of effort for you? I can imagine. There are a lot more important things to do than prepping your house every time. 

If you want to want a better guarantee, ease your mind, and be stress-free, I suggest leaving it to the professionals. A trusted Tacoma pest control such as Bulwark can do wonders to help mitigate these pests. 

Good luck!

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