5 Ways Alcoholism Can Get You in Trouble with the Law

Alcoholism is not an individual problem. What you do while under the influence affects millions of lives daily. Small things add up, and it takes no time at all for your choices to have an impact.

1. DUI

Before you get involved with a DUI, check out addiction treatment in OC. DUI’s continue to be the most devastating crime statistic in the world. It costs lives, and in the case of the driver, can end up with a lengthy prison sentence. Drunk driving has even become a big enough issue for multiple countries to put money into making anti-drunk driving commercials. Despite the warnings, too many people still see driving under the influence as a victimless crime. Unfortunately for the drunk drivers, the law will have a completely different opinion.

2. Bar Fights

Bar fights happen all the time, with the majority ending with people getting kicked out of the bar. But all bars are different, and nothing stops customers at the bar from calling the cops. If you get into a drunken brawl and are kicked out of the bar, don’t be surprised if the cops still pay you a visit. As history has shown, trying to explain your way out of a bad situation while under the influence never ends well. The drunker you are during this occurrence, the harder it will be to convince the cops you were the victim.

3. Employment

Have you ever heard of the term ‘functional alcoholic’ in a work setting? It describes an employee that drinks a lot, but still gets the job done. This is not the term of endearment that is fictionalized in television and movies. In real life, a functional alcoholic is tolerated as long as they are getting the job done. The moment there is a slip up, the company considers them even more of a disposal asset than a regular employee. In short, a functional alcoholic is always on the shortest leash possible with their employer. The type of trouble you can get in can be as simple as a firing, or as life changing as getting arrested for work negligence.

4. Parenting

Alcoholism has ripped apart families, marriages and kids. If you are trying to get full or partial custody of your children, then alcoholism will completely change the story. It is a troubling sign, and judges are not going to overlook your history with alcohol. If the cops have ever been called to your home for an alcohol related instance, then it will be the first thing brought up in family court.

5. School

Imagine working hard to get into a top tier school. You beat out millions of prospective students, and then get kicked out for an alcohol violation. Every college has their own rules about drinking with a strict and enforceable policy. On the other side, if you’re the unfortunate adult that tries to help McLovin buy alcohol, then you’re also going to be the one going to jail.

A Way Out

At some point there is a huge revelation about your addiction. Alcohol abuse is a severe setback for any life, but you have the power to make a change. Take it one step at a time, and everything will work out in your favor. 

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