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9 Birthday Traditions Around The Globe That Mark This Day With Happiness

Birthdays are supposed to mark an important milestone in the life of a person and it is the most precious day of the year especially to the kids. They get most, if not all, their wishes fulfilled and receive so many presents that they couldn’t keep their excitement to open it later. The earth completed one more year around the sun and suddenly, you are the centre of the universe on this one day of the year but once the childhood pass by and a person enters the adult life, wham! It’s not, all the same, any more. Birthdays are still awaited but there are no sleepless nights to wait for the day to come. No more anticipation to meet school friends and receive blessings from teachers. Things do get change a lot but if you look around the world and the traditions they follow to mark this special day of life, you will know that you haven’t missed a lot yet. There is a lot that you could still experience and go back to dreamy childhood days.


1. Norway

Norwegians love chocolates on their birthday. They even have a dedicated song and dance to mark the day of the year. If a kid is celebrating his/her birthday in school, they are allowed to pick a student with whom they could do that little routine. Cute indeed!

2. Russia

This tradition is quite exciting. Parents put up a clothesline on the wall and hang gifts from it and the kid is allowed to pick anyone. If this is not fun inducing on a kid’s birthday, what is?

3. Germany

For kids, it is pretty easy in Germany; for adults, not so much. Kids are showered with gifts, cakes, chocolates and whatnots. Also, they are exempted from doing any chores or homework on their birthdays where on the other hand, a single man who has just turned 30 in Germany is made to sweep stairs with his friends throwing trash at him. It is tough to be single and still have a birthday for an adult man in Germany, eh!


4. Ecuador

Okay, so according to this cool tradition, kids in Ecuador land two birthdays in a year. First one is their actual birthday i.e, the day they were born and then they get to celebrate it again on the birthday of the saint after whom they are named. Pretty cool, right?


5. Vietnam

This tradition calls for a grand celebration. In Vietnam, it doesn’t matter which day one was born. All adults and kids celebrate their birthday on one day of the year known as Tet. It is considered the beginning of a new year. Also, kids get money on Tet, so it’s all good!


6. Holland

Just like Quinceañera in Spain, Holland has its own set of years that needs to be given special emphasis. They are called Crown Years, the age of 5, 10, 15, 20 and 21. These years calls for lavish parties, big gifts and treats of lemonade and hot chocolate.

7. Australia

For Australian kids, the day is marked with Fairy Bread. It is a simple recipe of bread and butter adorned with sprinkles but served with a lot of love to mark the age-old tradition on the birthdays.


8. Jamaica

You may find it queer but its fun nevertheless. People in Jamaica throw flour on the birthday girl/boy to celebrate the special day of the year. Yes, gifts, cakes and parties are included too but the real fun is to splash flour on the person as much as you want.


9. Argentina

Ear pulls! Yes, you heard it right. People of Argentina gets their ear pulled on their birthdays, one ear pulls signifying one year. Their age determines the number of ear pulls they are gonna get on their birthday.


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