6 Trusted Relationship Tips from Experts

It takes a lot of work on yourself as well as your relationship with your partner, just like any interpersonal relationship or relationship between two people. However, sometimes this pressure disturbs our ability to function together, and we often give up on the first steps. For this reason, it is very important to start the relationship in a good way and to follow some basic rules, which will make both you and your partner feel good!

Being in a relationship requires a lot of effort, compromise, and dedication. As time passes, do you feel that your relationship requires more and more effort and provides less and less satisfaction? Before you take any drastic steps, read below for six useful tips on how to strengthen and improve your relationship.

Don’t Overwhelm Your Partner

Constant seeing and corresponding may be too tiring for your partner, turning him/her away from you. It’s essential that when you get into a relationship, you don’t forget about your friends and the things you did when you were alone that gave you pleasure. Do not give them up, and never let your partner give them up. Give the gift of free time to both yourself and your partner; that way, there will be no fear that the relationship will bore and tire you soon. 


All the little things that seem unimportant are very important. Remind your partner to talk about your emotions and fears—about things you don’t like. By hiding them, you will only deepen your dissatisfaction and mistrust toward your partner. So be open and solve problems at the beginning, while they are still very small and “funny,” because then they could grow and cause additional pain and suffering that is not allowed in love.

Also, don’t be shy about seeking professional help or talking to someone who is an expert on relationship advice. There are many solutions, like psychologists, couples counselors, and courses, as seen at which can be useful for those who are in a relationship and those who want to enter it. Talking to your partner’s friend or your friend can also be a good solution. Either way, don’t underestimate the power of communication.

Don’t Blackmail Your Partner

Blackmail is a very ugly thing, and you certainly don’t like it when someone blackmails you. Therefore, do not do the same. Getting something by blackmail or keeping a partner that way equals zero, and the feeling afterward certainly can’t be good. Instead of blackmailing your partner, try to tell them all the positive reasons why he/she should do something and point out to him/her how much it will make them happier. And if even then they don’t want to do something, don’t force them, because don’t forget that everyone has the right not to want something, not to like something, and not to feel comfortable somewhere.

Don’t Blame the Other Side Always

It always takes two to fight! At least, that’s what they say, and that’s what you should be guided by. Be wise enough and don’t always blame your partner. Take part of the blame on yourself and keep quiet sometimes when that blame is “benign.” You will achieve not only peace but also your partner’s respect, as they will be more aware of their guilt and how you treat them fairly.

Don’t Bring Ex-Partners Into Relationship

Ex-partners rightfully carry the title of an ex-partner, and that’s how you should treat them. Not in the sense of belittling and insulting former partners, but in the sense that the former relationship and the conversation about it should be left behind. Let the past not affect the present, let alone the future. Do not compare former partners or talk about them with your current partner. In this way, you will arouse jealousy and suspicion, and such emotions are very toxic to your relationship. Don’t even hide important details from your life or things whose discovery could disrupt your relationships, but try to reduce unnecessary comparisons and mentions of your partner and devote yourself as much as possible to working for today and tomorrow! Yesterday is already behind us!

Be Honest With Each Other

In the simplest terms – the key to a successful relationship is honesty. Your relationship should be such that you can (and must) honestly tell each other what the problem is. This is the only way your relationship can progress. For the problem to be solved, one must first admit that the problem exists, right? So, say what’s on your mind, listen, and then slowly start working together to solve the problem. 

Falling in love is not difficult, but keeping and maintaining love is somewhat more complicated. With great desire, effort, and advice, it is not that difficult in the end.

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