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Delicious Diet Delivery Review

Because I’m so lazy to cook my own meals during weekdays and I got tired of eating the same food over and over that I resorted to diet delivery services in the metro. No, I’m not trying to lose weight anymore. I lost quite enough during my Fat Loss Challenge with John Castle. Let’s face it, if you eat less than your required calories daily you will lose weight so those default 1,200 calories will make you shed BUT not everyone has the same nutrition requirements that’s why I advice to compute yous at IIFYM.COM
These services are pretty convinient for office workers like me who doesn’t want to think much about what to eat during lunch and expect a really delicious meal every time. It’s 1,200? Great I can eat more when I get home, I eat their “dinner meals” as my afternoon snack anyway! Harharhar
How much? 1,750/5 days
Where does Delicious Diet Delivery Deliver? Anywhere in Metro Manila



Their meals are really delicious. Pun pun not intended. I expect really bland dishes with delivery services like these because they try to lower your sodium content etc and try to “taste healthy” but with Delicious Diet, they know for a fact that one shouldn’t scrimp on taste just for it to be healthy. I was surprised with one of the snacks actually included a wedge of laughing cow cheese , milk tea, and crackers. Oh so yum. They put in an ample amuont of protein too. When I looked at my meals, I did saw what they prepared was a balance of carbohydrates, protein, and fat.

Though this is not the perfect diet for me because I really require something of higher protein since I work out a lot and trying to build muscle. All in all, this is recommended for office people who wants something good and different to eat everyday without overthinking. At 1,750/week it’s not so bad.

How much does it cost?


Where do they deliver?

Anywhere in Metro Manila

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