7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Moving to a New Area

It’s always a difficult decision when deciding if and where to move. There are so many different factors to consider to make sure you make the right choice where you’ll feel comfortable and safe. Taking time to think through a decision is important so here are 7 questions you should ask yourself before taking the plunge in moving to a new place.

What Amenities Are There?

Whilst some people might not mind so much, having amenities that will enrich your life can affect how well you will settle and enjoy a new area. A well-planned neighborhood will have a great balance and variety of amenities to choose from including leisure centres, restaurants, grocery stores, parks and schools. The facilities and services that are offered in an area can allow you to meet new people and take part in new or old activities you like. 

Is The Area Accessible?

Not all areas have it all, so you need to consider how accessible an area is. Check if there are good transport routes, including buses, trains and taxi services that can help you travel around between towns and cities, or within the area itself. Having a look at the road conditions as well, including congestion areas, may affect air and noise pollution, which may negatively impact your living experience. Also think about whether you’re close to family (or whether you even want to be!) and how easy it will be to get to them, too.

How Safe Is The Area?

Feeling secure in your own home and when you’re moving about is such a crucial aspect of living. Nobody wants to be looking over their shoulder when they’re walking around a neighborhood, or questioning whether they should be going out at night. You can research crime rates in the area you’re interested in moving to; there are several tools online that allow you to see what general crime is like, and also locate any sexual offenders. If you can, speaking to someone who lives in the area will give you the best indicator of how safe the area is, or you can try looking in forums online as well. 

What Is The Community Like?

An overlooked element when moving somewhere is what the general vibe of the place is like. People in an area can make or break a place, so spending time in an area and speaking to people can give you a good sense of how people live and interact with each other. This can also affect the safety of an area too because if people are friendlier, they are more likely to look out for you and report any suspicious activity in the area. Another thing to look at is whether there are many local events that happen; these can really indicate whether there’s a sense of community and could be something that you might enjoy getting involved in.

What Is The Cost Of Living Like?

As well as the cost of a new home, you want to consider how much everyday items will cost you. Prices for everything can vary immensely, so have a dig around to see what it’s like in the area. Things to look into include:

  • Groceries
  • Restaurants
  • Transport
  • Fuel
  • Healthcare

And pretty much anything else you spend money on!​​

Are There Employment Opportunities?

You may be moving to an area for a new job, but it’s still important to check out how many and what type of employment opportunities are in the area. This ensures you are prepared for all outcomes because unfortunately things happen and people lose their jobs, so knowing there are backup options is important. Be sure to look at what your daily routine would look like, including your commuting route, and whether it would fit in with your plans (such as if you wanted to go to the gym before or after work). 

How Does It Compare?

When you’ve considered all the above, think about comparing it to your current living situation. Is this the right move for you, and will it enrich your life? The other thing you want to compare it to are other potential locations you’ve considered moving to. Which areas are on the ‘up’? And which ones are heading in a more negative direction? 

Overall, if you consider the above questions, you should be in a better headspace in regards to whether you feel confident moving to the new area you’re looking into. Feeling safe, looking for job opportunities, cost of living, amenities, and accessibility are some of the things you want to keep in mind when researching a new place to live. 

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