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Purple Bayalage Hair at Azta Urban Salon – Review


You know me folks, I’m as fickle as a pickle. Does that even make sense? Hahaha. After 4 months of maintining a bi-color Harley Quinn Inspired Hair, I decided to switch again and transform my hair back to the color purple. Why purple? Because my wrestling monicker is “Vylette” and I want it to be freaking obvious to the crowd. Might make me more memorable. This time around, I don’t want any ordinary violet hair. I want my purple color to have depth and dimension. Not just a singular color.


My good friend Hana (, highly recommended her stylist at Azta Urban Salon at Mckinley Hill Venice Piazza. You know, that mall that resembles Italy, together with the gondola boat ride and singing rower. It’s one of the most beautiful malls I’ve been to.


Watch my VLOG below for my actual experience, and then if you want more details, continue reading my blog below 🙂

Purple Bayalage Hair at Azta Urban Salon


Dishing Out the Details

  • What did I get? A two-toned purple and blue bayalage hair
  • Who was my stylist? Ms. Janice
  • How long was the process? 3 hours
  • Was there bleaching involved? If your hair is virgin, it’s a yes. But mine is already bleached and my harley hair has faded already so all they had to do was re-apply color on top.
  • How much does it cost? For my shoulder length hair, it’s 5,500php under Ombre Brights Hair Color Service
  • Do I recommend their salon? YES. You won’t be disappointed. I had previous experiences with “professionals” where I tell them something or show a hair inspiration and after the damage is done (both bleaching and the expensive price), it doesn’t look like how I pictured it in my head.  With Azta Urban Salon, they seem to be trained and experienced enough to give you advice on what color you want to achieve. They even did a strand test to make sure I’m satisfied with what I’m getting, before they do it on my entire head. So yeah this one of the best places to go if you want to have funky hair colors.






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