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8 Essential Things to Know About Protein Powder for Women

Protein is a crucial nutrient for women’s health. Getting enough protein can help in building muscles, increasing metabolism, weight loss, and reducing appetite. However, getting a sufficient amount of daily protein intake for women is difficult without a proper diet. Fortunately, protein powders offer a solution to this.

Adding protein powder to your diet is an easy way to achieve your daily protein needs. This article will explain the significant things you need to know about protein powder for women.


What Are Protein Powders?

According to an article by Web MD, protein powders are a powdered protein from plant sources, such as soybeans, rice, peas, and potatoes; these protein powders are considered vegan. On the other hand, there are protein powders that come from eggs or milk.

Some brands of protein powder for women have additional ingredients that may include vitamins, minerals, flavouring, and sugars. The most different types of protein powders include the following:

Whey Protein—A protein powder that contains several essential amino acids. However, this is dairy-based and sourced from milk; non-vegan. This is best for women because the body quickly absorbs it.

Casein Protein—Much like whey protein, casein is also dairy-based and contains several essential amino acids. However, it’s absorption time is much longer, which is not ideal for women.

Soy Protein—Plant-based protein powder and a favourite among the vegan community. It contains several essential amino acids and isoflavones.


Protein Powders Increase Metabolism

Women have a significantly higher proportion of body fat compared to men. One way for women to lose more fat is to increase their metabolism. The best way to increase women’s metabolism is to have a sufficient amount of protein through protein powders.

According to a study, a high protein intake burns more calories because protein has a higher thermic effect than carbohydrates or fats. The thermic effect of protein ranges from 20-35%, while carbohydrates and fats only range from 5-15%.


Protein Powders Increase Muscle Strength and Mass

Protein is widely considered as the building block of muscle fibres. This means if you want to increase muscle mass and strength, you need to have an adequate daily intake of protein. 

Protein powders are the perfect solution for women who want to build muscle strength and mass and maintain this during weight loss programs. This means women will preserve muscle and burn more fat.

Protein Powders Reduce Unhealthy Cravings

If you want to lose weight, the last thing you want is having unhealthy cravings. This is because you will be eating more food and gaining more calories. The best way to prevent unhealthy cravings is by increasing your protein intake.

Numerous reports have shown that increasing your protein intake through protein powders can reduce cravings and control appetite. A study showed that women who increased their protein intake to 25% reduced their desire to eat late at night. 

Higher protein intake has numerous health benefits for women, which is why using protein powders is undoubtedly advantageous. If you need to shed some weight, improve your metabolism, increase muscle mass, and strengthen your muscles, protein powders are the solution.

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