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Style for Less: 8 Ways That You Can Land Great Deals On Designer Brands

There’s a reason designer brands are coveted – they’re great products. Most of the time, they are made from quality materials, are stylish, and are designed to stand out. You may even recognize the designer just based on the quality of the clothing or shoe because they are just that impressive. What they aren’t, however, is affordable to the average person.

Well, they weren’t until now, that is. Now, if you know what you are looking for, you can land great deals on designer brands without taking out a hefty loan or offering your firstborn child, your arm, and your leg (and still owing more after all of that!).

Now, you can justify spending money on yourself and your designer wardrobe without the guilt that used to come with the high price tag. You can even fit them in your budget without knocking out essentials like milk, eggs, and bread. Instead, with just a little bit of shopping around, you can get a great deal on high-end luxury jewelry (from sites like David Alan), without going broke. 

Here are 8 ways that you can land great deals on designer brands (and you won’t even have to hide the receipt)!

8 Ways You Can Spend Frugal and Buy Luxury

1. Make use of planning with coupons and promo codes. Whoa, but aren’t coupons for, like, the cheap stores? You would think so, but nowadays there are many sites you can visit that make their living specifically by rounding up the sales, promos, and coupons for major retailers, including designer shops. Check this helpful resource for your favorite high-end brand discounts. You may be surprised who is on the list of designer retail stores where you can use discounts.

2. Subscribe to rent and returns. If “used” isn’t a dirty four-letter word for you, sign up for one of the amazing rent and return services that offer designer clothes, shoes, and accessories. How they work is that you pay a monthly fee, choose your style and size, and then decide which outfits from their catalog that you want to rent. You get to borrow them for a certain amount of time and send them back.

Some of these services allow you to purchase the clothes you really love if you just can’t bear to part with them, while others have a hefty clearance section for you to browse and shop for designer deals at huge markdowns once they are no longer in circulation for borrowing.

3. Check the outlet stores. Not every designer has a corresponding outlet store, but you can find top names like Saks off 5th, Nordstrom Rack, and Neiman Marcus Last Call. Shop online or in person, depending on the retailer. At these bargain outlets, you can find reduced prices, clearance items, and the same quality products you would see in the higher-end stores.

Since they’re commissioned by the major retailer, you don’t have to worry about the back alley New York City knock-off quality, or even getting visited by the police, although you may find such a bargain that it’s a steal.

4. Online consignment stores. Consignment stores used to have a bad reputation, but now, there are dedicated in-person and online shops that let you send in your secondhand, rarely used clothes for other people to fall in love with.

The good news about this is that other people send in theirs, too, and many of those gently used clothes are designer brands. If you don’t mind secondhand clothes, check out consignment shops for your next wardrobe addition. You may even be able to buy an entire wardrobe for the price of one original designer item.

5. Look at other collections. Some of the best designer brands have other names under them that they are affiliated with and operate over. These lower brands give customers the same style of clothing as the high-end brand but at significantly cheaper prices. Check for capsule collections, lower-end brands, and bridge lines before splurging on a full-price designer brand.

6. Stalk flash sale websites. For short periods of time, some websites offer designer items for super low prices. These times are so short, though, they go by in quick flashes and the items sell out like lightning.

But if you sign up and check your emails diligently, you can follow your favorite designers and find out when their items are coming up for sale. Hit the flash sale right away, and you may score a hot deal on an otherwise pricey designer item.

7. Shop off-season. Your favorite designer is your favorite designer because he or she makes quality, luxurious, stylish items that you love. Those items are still just as good in previous seasons, but they won’t sell as well in the main stores. This means that you can buy them for a fraction of what they sold for in-season. Their loss, your gain.

These are usually items like bathing suits in the winter and warm sweaters in the summer. Who cares that you can’t wear it right away? Tuck it away until the weather adjusts and it will be waiting patiently.

8. Try a clothing swap. If your friends also like to dress in designer duds and some of you are similar in size, have everyone over for the evening and play dress-up! Try on each other’s would-be discards and when you fall in love with something, it’s yours! It’s a win-win because you are getting rid of items you don’t want anymore and grabbing what would have gone into someone else’s donation pile anyway.

Budgeting Does Not Mean No Designer Clothes

If you do it the right way, you can still fit those luxury items you enjoy, from clothing to shoes and accessories, into your wardrobe and into your budget. With these eight ways for you to score designer items for bargain basement prices, there’s no need to sacrifice quality for price anymore. Start window shopping today and there won’t be any buyer’s remorse when you find what you love at a great price!

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