Anti-aging Habits To Achieve A Youthful Complexion

We all enjoy looking our best, and we do what we can achieve the beautiful skin of our youth. Most of us have read about the importance of having good genes and wearing sunscreen. So often, we see an interview of a Hollywood starlet who claims that her youthful glow is due to good genes and drinking plenty of water. The truth is that genetics do play a role, and staying hydrated is important to maintaining young-looking skin. But to really achieve the ultimate in skin care, you have to work at achieving a youthful complexion from both the inside and the outside.


Achieving a Youthful Complexion Comes From the Inside and the Outside

Want to hear some good news? While having great genetics does account for about twenty to thirty percent of our skin’s appearance, the rest of it we can control. Get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water and exercise regularly. All these good health habits not only keep us feeling younger, they actually help us to stay looking younger as well.


The crucial element to achieving a youthful complexion is building and maintaining strong collagen. What’s collagen, exactly? It’s a protein consisting of amino acids, and it’s one of the main building blocks in our bodies. If you keep your collagen in good shape, you will continue to look youthful for years to come. Collagen is what makes us have the radiant fullness to our skin that we enjoy in our youth.

Collagen Production Declines at Age 20

The bad news? Our collagen starts to decline as early as 20 years old. There are things you can do to promote your body to build more collagen. Getting regular facial massages helps to build collagen, as is eating a healthy diet packed with vitamins and minerals. To achieve the best results and maintain them over a long period, you want to use a combination of anti-aging vitamins and anti-aging serums.

Anti-Aging Supplements Plus Anti-Aging Serums is Recipe for Success

While it’s essential to its success that you take anti-aging supplements daily, they do take some time to work. Consider it as a long-term ingredient in your recipe for achieving a youthful complexion. Many people enjoy also adding some anti-aging serums to their skin care regimen to get fast results.


What’s the Difference Between Anti-aging Supplements and Anti-aging Serums?

People enjoy applying anti-aging serums to their faces to fight free radical damage caused by environmental factors like stress, smoking, pollution and pesticides. Applying a world class anti-aging serum does more than apply moisture to your skin; it also helps keep your skin soft and healthy looking because the serums are filled with antioxidants. When you are choosing the right anti-aging serum, you have to look at the ingredients. The active ingredients will determine the level of effectiveness that your anti-aging serum contains.

How Do You Know Which Ingredients are the Active Ones?

Companies are required to list ingredients in order. The more the active ingredient a product contains, the higher on the ingredient list it sits. Bobby Dalton from Siorai explains in the article Anti Aging Supplements Vs. Anti Aging Serums that the key to knowing a good anti-aging serum from a bad one is looking for the right active ingredients. You want to look for powerful antioxidants like Vitamin C and Vitamin E, as well as green tea and grapeseed extracts.

Eat a Healthy Anti-Aging Diet for Optimal Results

Of course, you want to combine a healthy diet with your regimen of anti-aging serums to achieve the most beautiful results. Vitamin C, in particular, is one of the most important nutrients in maintaining a healthy collagen layer, because it helps bond with the proteins that make up collagen. It’s important to note that Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin, which means that your body constantly gets rid of any excess. What does that mean for you? It means you have to replenish your Vitamin C intake on a daily basis.

Be sure to eat a healthy diet with a proper amount of Vitamin C every day. Foods that are high in Vitamin C include many citrus fruits and some vegetables. Make sure your diet includes plenty of oranges, guava, kiwi and grapefruit as well as cruciferous vegetables like Brussel sprouts, broccoli and cauliflower.


But if we’re being honest, it’s sometimes difficult to get all the vitamins and minerals we need just through our diets. With modern day diets, we are being exposed to so many processed foods. It’s a challenge to get all the nutrients we need to maintain a youthful complexion. To achieve the best possible skin results, you want to attack the problem from inside your body, and from outside your body at the same time.


When you take top-quality anti-aging supplements, they help your skin renew its collagen supply. Not only does vitamin C help us to build collagen, keeping our skin firm and filled with elasticity, but Vitamin E also helps us by providing moisture and fighting against free radical damage. Taking a high-quality anti-aging supplement is a crucial step in keeping your skin looking youthful. You want to be sure that your anti-aging supplements contain all these skin-building vitamins.


  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E

Happy and Healthy Are Key Ingredients to Looking Young

While it seems like it may require a serious commitment to achieve the youthful complexion you desire, it only means that you maintain a healthy lifestyle and a positive attitude. When you combine your recipe of anti-aging supplements with anti-aging serums, you’ll see results within a few short weeks. When you look in the mirror, you’ll be happy with what you see.






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