A Few Care Basics to Keeping Your Backyard Pool Healthy

If you are the proud owner of a swimming pool in your backyard, you will want to ensure that you are doing all you can to keep it clean, fresh, healthy, and crystal clear. There are several things that you can do to make sure your pool is well-maintained. First, you can purchase a robotic cleaner that will pick up debris and clean pool walls and floors. Next, make sure you know the proper chemicals and optimal PH levels for your pool water and do regular checks. Moreover, cover your pool to keep out debris and replace your water often. Follow these steps for a healthy pool and a happy summer.

Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner

Your robotic cleaner will suck debris from the pool floor, as well as scrub the floor of grime, and climb the walls to scrub all the way up to the water line as well. This provides quick and easy cleaning that is automated, which gives you more time to enjoy your pool.

Robot cleaners can actually be more thorough than human cleaners or lower-tech pool cleaners. The clever navigation technology of a robotic pool cleaner will ensure that your pool gets a thorough, even, and complete clean on a regular basis. Random navigation can leave patches untouched, but with a high-tech robot, you can rest assured that every inch of your pool is squeaky clean.

Manual cleaning is very tiring and time-consuming compared with robotic cleaners, and there is room for human error when you do it yourself. If you want to maximize the health and cleanliness of your pool, while also minimizing stress and effort on your part, this is a great buy for your swimming pool.

Know Your Chemicals

It is a good idea to purchase a chemical testing kit for pool water. This way, you can see exactly what your water PH is and how much chlorine is in the pool. It is very important to balance your chemical levels so that the PH is between 7.2 and 7.6. Moreover, the proper chlorine concentration will purify water and prevent unhealthy conditions.

Knowing the optimal levels of chlorine and PH can help you when it comes time to prepare your pool for winter. You need to ensure that levels are appropriate for the cold weather, to prevent freezing, but also avoid the pool becoming a breeding ground for algae and bacteria. 

Finally, baking soda can clean calcium and iron deposits on pool tiles, keeping the water looking clear and fresh, rather than green and murky. You can look up specific cleaning tips like this one depending on the material used on the walls and floor of your swimming pool. 

Pool Covers

This is a great tip both for safety and water cleanliness. Having a cover on your pool will protect children and animals from falling into the water when unattended. This is a very important consideration if you have young children at home or as visitors. Moreover, dogs and cats can fall into pools and struggle to climb back out.

As for hygiene and cleanliness, covering your pool will prevent dirt, grime, and other debris from building up in the water. This will make the job of keeping the pool clean and tidy a lot easier. Pool covers are also an essential part of preparing the pool for winter.

You can also consider building a fence or wall around your pool for safety reasons. If your backyard is used by children, animals, or intoxicated adults, then this is a great way to prevent accidents. A fence or wall can also limit the amount of debris that blows into the pool, so this will help you to keep the water fresh as well.

Replace Pool Water 

All of the above tips, when followed properly, will keep water at a safe and healthy chemical balance, with limited debris and a healthy look. That being said, there comes a time when pool water should be replaced. Draining and refilling your pool is not a job you need to do every year, but it is recommended that you take the time to refresh the water every five years, or so. 

When it comes time to drain the pool, remember to choose a day with mild weather. Generally, it is not recommended to undertake this job in the summer. Firstly, you will want to use the pool at this time, so it doesn’t make sense to empty the water. Moreover, extreme heat and direct sunlight can cause damage to the pool surface. You should also avoid winter, as cold temperatures can cause ice and damage to the filtration system.

Healthy Pool, Healthy Summer

Once you have taken all the necessary steps to keep your backyard pool healthy and happy, you can start to enjoy your healthy, happy summer. Remember to use sunblock, stay hydrated! Then you can dive into summer with joy, regardless of your body image. Remember, every size and shape of your body is a summer body and you can look and feel great this summer in body-positive and practical swimwear. Take control of your summer by making happy, healthy choices. Start with your pool and extend the love to yourself.

When you have a clean and fresh pool and a happy, healthy attitude, you can have the most memorable and fun summer of your life!

This has been a quick look at how to keep your swimming pool clean, fresh, and well-maintained this summer. We have suggested that you purchase a robotic cleaner for your pool. This will pick up debris and clean the pool walls and floors. Moreover, it is recommended to know which chemicals and PH levels are needed for healthy pool water. 

Pool covers and regularly changing the water will also keep your swimming pool fresh and clean. Moreover, a pool cover can keep animals and kids safe from falling into the water. Once you have followed these steps, you can begin to enjoy your happy, healthy summer. Treat yourself like you treat your pool this summer – with love! 

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