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A Guide to Keep your Trainers Clean and in Pristine Quality

A pair of good, fresh looking trainers from the designer trainers womens sale may motivate you to go to the gym. That’s why it is essential not only to get the best quality trainers you can get but also to keep them clean and in pristine quality.

We do not recommend you put your trainers in the washing machine. It will ruin your shoes, and you will not be able to wear them again quickly. Here are the steps required to maintain properly.

Clean Immediately

The most important thing is that you clean your shoes right away after they get dirty. This will prevent staining, so you don’t have to use a harsh cleaning product to get rid of a small spot.

Dry Brush

If you use your trainers and they get a little dust all over but not too dirty, you can clean them simply using a soft-bristled dry brush. If you don’t have a brush in hand, you can use a dry toothbrush just fine. Smaller bristles can reach the details of the shoes, so you may want to consider using a short bristled brush.

Wash the Laces

It is vital to keep the laces clean. Clean laces will keep your trainers looking fresh. The best way you can wash the laces is by hand, but you can throw them into the washing machine using a small bag to prevent tangling. 

Wash the Shoe Soles

The soles are the part of the shoes that get exposed to the dirt the most. Especially if you go for a run outdoors, you will need to clean the soles. You can use a mixture of soft detergent with warm water and brush the soles using a soft-bristled brush. Brush carefully and make sure you get all the detailing clean. After you’re done, you can wipe the soles using a wet cloth and then air-dry them.

Wash and Bolt

If the upper part of the shoes gets dirty and you need to wash it, you can use the same mixture of warm water and detergent. Brush your boots carefully until all the dirt is gone. 

Clean Insoles

To prevent odor, you need to clean the insoles. It is an essential part of the shoes. You can clean them regularly using the same mixture of warm water and detergent. 

The insoles can get very dirty and diminish their shapes as time goes by. You may need to change them with new ones to make sure the shoes are still comfortable to wear. Replacing the insoles also helps prevent odors. 

Use Shoes Protectors

The secret to keeping your trainers fresh is to apply a shoe protector. Shoe protectors form an invisible layer that protects your shoes from dirt and even liquids. Apply the protector right after you unbox them, after you clean them, and reapply regularly to keep your trainers protected. 

Final thoughts

Those were just a few of the tips you can perform to keep your trainers clean and looking brand new. One thing to consider is that you need to store them properly when you are not wearing them. Some materials like knit and mesh can gather dirt from around the house, so make sure you store them properly.  

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