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Careline Lip and Cheek Tint Review

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Hooray for one of the cheapest but hardworking local cheektint here. Careline Lip and Cheek Tint. A good cheek tint should always work like the ff:
1. Natural
2. Long lasting
3. Easy to blend
4. Will not break you out
5. Convenient

So when you find a cheek tint that does everything like the following, and then is cheap at the same time. Then guys, we hit a jackpot! Kashing kashing! (sound effect of a cash register, and yes i shouldnt have explained that.. but still!)

I’ve tried several cheek tints, from bodyshop, bench, benefit, etude house, liole, etc.. but I just keep on coming back to this one. You can’t go wrong with it being priced at 75php. It’s very blendable, with basic ingredients like aloe, water, food color, give and take some preservatives (warning it has some parabens) but I dont mind. It lasts all day and provides the most natural glowing pink flush I ever got. You should have properly moisturized skin so it can blend easily.

What’s great about this is that most lip and cheek stains only work for the cheeks, or lips, but rarely both. But this one really works. It stains the lips with a natural rosiness that is never drying nor look fake.

There are two things that you may not like about this product though

1. It doesnt smell good
2. It doesnt taste good

but both scent and taste do not last forever, and hey, whoever told us to eat our tints! Haha!

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