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Project 50 : Finish at least 50 books in a year

I’ve been enjoying reading books, than watching TV or movies lately. It’s basically entertainment, anywhere you want it. Also, never was a fan of those e-book reader thingies. Convenience it is alright, but nothing beats the pleasure of smelling paper, glue, ink, and flipping the pages of your hard bound or soft bound books.

I was inspired by a topic in the literary forum of in where people made a resolution that they would at least finish 50 books before the year ends. I started this January and I have finished 3 books so far and reading my fourth.

Here are the books:

A classic favorite. Makes you want to read it from the beginning when you finish it.


Finished for the sake of finishing. The narrator’s cynicism made me cringe.
Fun, but it’s very your-typical-zombie-story and will not read the next book of the series
Brad Pitt will star this 2012 movie.. !!
Post-apocalyptic zombie books are really getting my interest lately. They’re so fun to read! My favorite authors are Anne Rice and Stephen King (and yes for me he IS the king of horror fiction!)
No fave authors for newbies yet.
How about you? What books are you reading lately?


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