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Are Reusable Bags Really Eco-Friendly? A RANT!

Update: Realized I overlooked the fact that paper bags cant hold up moist goods and harm more trees, thanks to the concerned commenters 🙂 and I actually own a couple of envirosax I use for shopping

If you haven’t noticed yet. Those reusable “eco” bags is becoming a fast trend and new status symbol for those faux environmentally concerned individuals OR companies looking for more profit by joining in.
These bags are usually made of nylon, cotton, or thicker plastic material meant for multiple usage
versus the plastic shopping bags.

Are you really concerned about the environment? Or youre just joining because it’s “hip”

Oh, and speaking of plastic bags, have you noticed SM uses this really flimsy white plastic they call a bag so that people will be FORCED to bring their own or purchase their reusable bags.

Imagine if more and more companies make their own “eco” bag and people will get one of each just for the sake, and FYI I dont even see people actually use them! Well, maybe a few. But I rarely notice people who bring their reusable bags in place of the plastic ones. Heck I even noticed people bringing their “eco” bags and then still requesting for more plastic.

Yes yes, haters will always hate; and Im one of those haters; If they wanted to be more eco-friendly, people should actually use the eco bags for shopping

The world will be a better place if companies would actually show REAL and GENUINE concern over the environment with tree planting projects or clean the Manila Bay area or Pasig River instead of joining the “ECO” bag bandwagon.

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