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Hoyu Beauty Labo Whip Hair Colour Review in Classical Honey

If you’ve been a long time follower of KikaysiKat way way back, when it was When Chic Hits the Pan; You would know that whenever it comes to hair treatments like rebonding, cuts, or other things my hubby comes to act as my guinea pig for testing. Hehehe.

Bubble dyes are slowly penetrating the Philippine market with brands such as Etude House coming out with bubble foam hair colors and also pre-orders for Prettia Foam Dye. I got this out of a whim to see if they really are easier to use than conventional hair color mixes. Oh, and Seeing the foam reminds me of fluffy marshmallows ^_^;

The instructions they provided are quite clear


This is hubby’s hair before

Looks like something yummy to drink eh? Like a frap 😀

This is hubby’s hair while dying

Well my comments are it’s quite messy to use, the bubble actually falls down on the floor and wherever. Hubby also told me the formula stings his scalp. The only thing I like about this dye is the fun it gives when Im shaking the cup 😛

Here’s hubby’s hair after dying. See any changes? I think so too… This might be the last time we’ll use bubbly foam hair colors and stick to regular ones in the future.

There’s a super duper slight brownish tint.

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