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Are You Brand Conscious?

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For my dearest readers: Do brands matter to you?
Whether may it be on cosmetics, clothes, bags or shoes. Do brands matter to you? I’m really
curious on what you guys think on this issue. There are some people I know who are brand conscious.
That they depict that the pricier the brand, the better the quality and vice versa.
I have a short story to tell you, it’s up to you to guess what brand this is (but I guess girltalkers know since I posted
my sentiments on this one on a forum):
Once there was a certain clothing brand, that catered to women young, and young at heart alike. They started with fresh styles
and quality clothing. As their popularity grew, so did their endorsers. It evolved from local models and celebrities and then
moved forward to foreign models and then currently, a celebrity who’s married to an A-lister.
You would then think that whoah, now that CMA(celebrity who’s married to an a-lister) endorses this brand, you would assume
that the quality is also for A-listers now, something that can compete with foreign brands.
but NOOOOOOO… MOST of their fabrics are flimsy and can look old with a single washing (hand washing even!), the clothes
do not justify the price. Only the brand. They can justify how ridicoulusly priced their items are considering the horrible, horrible
quality. It’s just plain sad, that they can victimize a lot of women to waste their hard earned cash with their poorly-made garments.
I started to boycott this brand when I bought a top from them that got destroyed in a single gentle wash. I thought it was
just me and my bad luck, but when I browsed through most forums, lo-behold I was not the only one. Ehem!!!
Share your sentiments, I would love to hear it from you.
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