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Bare Skin Waxing Salon and Lash Wishes at Glorietta 3 Basement

Yes. Girls can do anything! Especially tolerating the pain of waxing for the sake of beauty! I always go to a different waxing salon when I need to be bare down there ,why? because they’re everywhere and they’re the cheapest you can find.But I find that anywhere I go, there are always long queues, I have to wait, the experience varies depending on who does it to you, and never consistent.

I also liked this other waxing salon but it’s too expensive to go to on a regular basis, I wished there was somewhere that offers the same level of service as the expensive salon, without adding burden to our pockets. Guess what? There’s a place like that that exists!

Last time, I was invited to drop by Bare Skin Waxing Salon and Lash Wishes located at Cinderella Basement, Glorietta 3, Makati to give their waxing services a try. I opted to get the Brazillian since it was long over due (TMI!), I wanted to try the lashes but I had limited time so I’ll drop by there again next time.

It’s conviniently located inside the Cinderella Store. With cute pink motif, it’s hard to miss their place.



Bare Skin Rates



Ate was kind enough to pluck through my in-growns


Lash Wishes Rates



They use warm wax for brazillian waxing and it’s different from what we usually experience. They slather on warm pink strawberry scented wax on the area, let it cool, and peel it off like a sticker. They don’t use cloths or re-use the wax. Their product is nice because it ensures that more hairs are grabbed up to the roots because they don’t scrimp on the wax they use on you. Now, I still believe having a Brazillian is painful, wherever you decide to go. I got mine done in 30 minutes max, and even had a chit-chat about how to start an llc with ate waxer.
If you’re around the area and looking for a place to do your waxing or lashes you can drop by Bare Skin. Everyone’s really genuinely nice and you don’t get “conscious” even if you get waxed down below.
The cons is they only have 2 available rooms for waxing, so it’s still better to call them up for a schedule.

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