painless waxing at bare skin
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Painless Waxing is Possible at Bare Skin + GIVEAWAY!

painless waxing at bare skin

Look, I’m not exaggerating but if you’re looking for a place to get waxed. From brazilian, bikini, to brows; I know a place where you’d barely utter “ouch“. Because real talk, pulling out hair is painful.We can’t have it pain-free but at lest we can have it pain-less. Continue reading to find out my favorite waxing salon in metro manila.


Painless Waxing is Possible at Bare Skin


Bare Skin Says..

Nothing but Bare Skin is the Bare Skin Waxing Studio’s promise to every client that has come through its doors since the brand was established last 2009. The waxing studio offers a complete range of waxing services of the best quality – but without the hefty price tag despite the brand’s imported European warm wax.

Unlike many waxing salons, Bare Skin uses different types of wax per body part as it understands that hair grows differently on the face, on the limbs and on the body. Guests can choose from either cool wax or warm wax but the studio encourages guests to opt for warm wax as it is less painful since the warmth opens the pores already.

For the limbs, Bare Skin uses rollers to ensure even distribution of wax and a practically painless and super quick hair-removal experience. In fact, the studio boasts of the fastest leg waxing as this takes only 15 – 20 minutes and guests don’t have to come back for another 3 to 5 weeks. Bare Skin’s flavored wax (strawberry being the resident favorite) also gives guests a more delightful waxing experience which keeps them coming back for more.


The Macho Mom Says… I’ve tried numerous waxing saons in manila and many of them left me in tears LOL. I’ve experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly. The best? Bare Skin! During my latest waxing session which was a brazilian, I was so comfortable that I can fall asleep. I was even on the phone talking during the whole process. It was over and done in around 15 minutes. 2 weeks later, my  hair is still barely there. Is it something with there wax or process? Because it slows down hair growth too!



Do you want to experience the joys of painless waxing too? Of course what better way to show you guys that Bare Skin is the best waxing salon out there by making you try for FREE! We’re giving away 1,000php worth of services to 6 lucky winners. Joining is so easy!

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*Bare Skin Waxing Studio Glorietta Branch Only


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