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Belo SunExpert Sunblock Review SPF40 Face

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I’m also wondering myself what took me so long to post a review on my ultimate ultimate favorite sunblock ever!!! I’ve been raving about this since time immemorial and whenever someone asks me what’s my daily sunblock I always answer Belo’s SPF 40 (I use Sunplay for the Beach or Shiseido when I’m feeling posh)
but Belo’s Sunexpert Face Cover SPF40 would always be a staple in my vanity kit.

Why Belo SunExpert Face Cover SPF40?

  • It works instantly, the sun protection works immediately upon application so there’s no watiing time. Perfect for on the go women.
  • No whitecast. Whoever does flash photography on their face would know this is dreadful. Belo’s sunblock does not produce this so your skin color and makeup stays the same color
  • It’s not sticky! It glides on smoothly. It’s so easy to apply. No fuss no mess.
  • It feels light. You actually forget you’re wearing sunblock.
  • It comes in a handy tube you can bring anywhere if you need to retouch
  • Non-comedogenic. Need I say more? This means it does not clog your pores!
  • Water resistant. Save for a few splashes, you don’t need to get a separate swimming sunblock
  • Hypoallergenic. Most sunblocks irritate my face and make it itchy, but this one is just perfect. Perfect I tell you!


Who do I recommend this to?

EVERYONE. Everyone needs sun protection.

Will I buy this again?

Until it gets discontinued (I hope not) I’ll buy this forever.
A little goes a long way

Taken with flash. No white cast. Whuut?!

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