Benefit Lolli Tint (Reviews, Swatches, Photos)

Ah.. the coveted Benefit Lolli Tint that I’ve been longing to review for ages (again) but prohibited because I’m so kuripot (english: cheapskate) to purchase the full sized bottle. So I’m reviewing this (finally!) thanks to the November BDJ Box of 2014 which contains all the wonderful Benefit Cosmetics products. I own a full-sized bottle of the original Benetint that I reviewed before and I think trying this out, made me consider actually purchasing a full-sized pretty soon. As promised, I will be reviewing the best of Benefit products for the whole week.  Read on for the full review!
Oh it’s so cute
What? Benefit Lolli Tint
Where to buy? Benefit Cosmetics Store everywhere!
How much? Around 1,700php (35USD?)
Small but powerful. The Benefit Lolli Tint literally packs a punch as this baby stays on until you remove it with a good cleanser! The lasting power of this product definitely compensates for its insanely high price.

I put it on like so, swipe swipe swipe. 3 stripes like a kitten. Meow!

Gaaah.. this is what I get for posing in the camera before blending the Lolli Tint. Streaks of tint on my face. Uneven and I’m not able to fix it no matter how hard I rub. Oh well, till I wash my face later on the day.

Oh well that’s life. Sometimes you can never correct mistakes but you can learn from it

“Oh, I have a pimple. It’s just a pimple. It’s like.. no big deal. What? No big deal? Yeah.. just keep your face clean” (who remembers that commercial?)
That’s why I learned how to blend as fast as I can on the other cheek. LOL. It gives a nice pink flush that is so flattering on my fair-olive skin. The Lolli Tint is the perfect pink for pinays who are not yellow or not pink. Just olive. Just neutral. Because not everyone is yellow-toned or pink-toned. Some are actually normal-toned.
Tip: Blend it as fast as you can because once it stays put. It stays put for good.
It’s a pinkish-muave when swatched

Pucker up. It looks muavey on the hand swatch but it’s a nice bright pink on my pigmented lips. Here is a kiss for you. Please don’t run away from my fish-faced smooch. 


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