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Best Lomi in Lipa Batangas Panciteria de Lipa aka Lomi ni Timing

Hay.. Looking at this photo makes me want to take a bus right now and head on over to Lipa City Batangas to eat my favorite Lomi at Lomi ni Timing Lipa City Panciteria (Since 1968 yow!). If you’ve been stalking me over at my instagram you would notice some of my feed contains scenes from Lipa. Because I’m also a Batanguena! *represent!* and whenever I come home, I always ask my mom to bring me to this place because besides the yummy food, the charm is in its humble ambiance and affordable price!

Budget for 4 people? 500php and super busog na kayo! (500 pesos with your tummies full)


Now where to find this place? It’s located at A. Mabini St. Lipa City Batangas
What is Lomi anyway? It’s a noodle-soup dish where the broth is made thick by mixing it with eggs. It is filled with all sorts of meat and sometimes vegetables. It is very popular in the Philippines especially in Lipa City Batangas.


Click Image to Enlarge and See the Price List and Menu
What we ordered
Special Lomi – 55php (good for 2-3)
Crispy Noodles – 100php (good for 2-3)
Garlic Roll – 20php (good for 1/2, it’s so good I can eat 3 full rolls)
Food Porn BELOW!


I love treating my family here because the food is good and the price is right LOL


The noodles of their lomi is firm, al dente, not soggy. The soup very thick and flavorful, makes me think that they used pork broth with lots of bones to make it this. I eat it by getting some noodles, soup, and meat on my plate then topping it with the chili-calamansi-soy sauce combo to make it extra yummy. My favorite part? The liver! (atay) Everything is so tender. My brother isn’t fond of liver so I get to eat his share! Hohoho!


How I eat my lomi nomnomnomnom


Their crispy noodles is generously topped with fresh vegetables, shrimp and meat. It’s quite filling! The noodle they use here tastes DIVINE. It’s quite addicting.


I saved the best for last. Soft, fluffy, buttery garlic rolls. I can eat this over and over and take some home too!


No shame.. no shame..
If ever you’re in Lipa City Batangas and craving for some old fashioned lomi, do visit Panciteria de Lipa (Lomi ni Timing) and you won’t regret it. I’m not paid for writing this.. it’s just really so so so so good I want everyone to enjoy good food as I do! I wonder who’s been here na din? Let me know in the comments section!
Grabe nakakagutom. 😐 gusto ko na ng lomi.

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